ISSUED: (Thursday, January 14, 2021 21:55 PM)


All classes, campus operations, and campus events will be suspended for Friday, Jan. 15, unless otherwise noted. Normal operations will resume on Saturday, Jan. 16.

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  • Student participates in virtual reality activity as part of NSF Funded BODYMODELS Institute

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  • A math teacher learning circle hosted by UNO and the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium provides engagement and community support for local area teachers.

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  • Forty Omaha-area high school girls learned hands-on medical techniques, engineering skills during the Perry Outreach Program at the Biomechanics Research Building.

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  • K-12, UNO and UNL students test experiments inside a high-altitude balloon, track results.

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  • Discover STEM Community Outreach at UNO

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STEM Education: Igniting a Passion for Innovation

The Office of STEM Education is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary effort across the University of Nebraska at Omaha's campus. With the guidance of the STEM Leadership Team, UNO is providing meaningful learning experiences in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for students of all ages.

The team is focused on many aspects of STEM education, including improving teacher training, increasing the number and diversity of STEM teachers, providing innovative STEM curriculum, and researching STEM education interventions. Past projects have ranged from district-wide efforts targeting improvement of teaching techniques for minorities to using robots as manipulatives to enforce science and mathematics learning experiences. 

STEM Leadership Team members have won several awards over the past few years, including named professorships, the Alumni Outstanding Teaching Award, the UNO Research and Creative Activities Award, the Chancellor’s Medal, the NASA Mission Home Award, and the UNO outstanding staff member. Notably, professors of the Office of STEM Education have received over six million dollars in external funding to promote research and development in the aforementioned areas.