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  • Amie Sommers (pursuing Ph.D.), Christine Cutucache, Nik Stevenson (pursuing M.S.), Jacob Robinson (pursuing M.S.).

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We are a lab with two major research objectives:

1) Discipline-based Educational Research (so called DBER) previously known as pedagogical inquiry. We aim to determine best practices associated with achieving learning outcomes across K-16. Specifically, we aim to study how best to prepare a competitive 21st century workforce, create & maintain a pipeline of well-trained candidates in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and to foster creativity and discovery through problem-based learning approaches across K-16. -We currently seek highly motivated, disciplined, productive, and creative students interested in pursuing graduate studies (M.S. or Ph.D.) in the area of STEM Pedagogy/DBER at UNO. Please email Dr. Cutucache directly to inquire about these opportunities.

2) Tumor-induced immunosuppression and immunomodulation as regulated by Caveolin-1 (Cav1). We investigate the role of Cav1 across B- and T-cell leukemias and lymphomas using a variety of approaches including: in silico modeling, in vitro functional assays, bioinformatics and gene expression profiling, identifying genetic modifiers, and determining immunophenotypes.

In short, we conduct interdisciplinary work in every project in the lab. The culture of this lab is that we aim to bring members of differing disciplines together in an effort to truly address biological and pedagogical questions. Consequently, those with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, physics, bioinformatics, genetics, immunology, mathematics, education, and psychology are all encouraged to apply.

 Prior awards to lab members:

  • 2018 GRACA to Jacob Robinson
  • 2018 GRACA to Nik Stevenson
  • 2016 FUSE award to Jacob Robinson
  • 2015-2020 National Science Foundation GRFP to Tyler Herek
  • 2015 GRACA award to Tyler Herek
  • 2015 FUSE award to Taylor Boham
  • 2015 FUSE award to Roger Brohimer
  • 2015 FUSE award to Tim Shew
  • 2015 FUSE award to Heather Spurgin
  • 1st Place Medal in Physiology and Immunology, SigmaXi Research Award (2014) to Brittany Conroy
  • 2nd Place SigmaXi Research Award for Virtual Conference (2013) to Lauren Dahlquist
  • Awarded to NE STEM 4U: 2014 Outstanding Student Organization
  • Awarded to NE STEM 4U: 2014  “We Are All In this Together” Award from the AMS and Allies Trust (Role: Founding member & faculty mentor)
  • Dr. Cutucache Elected Counselor to the Council of Undergraduate Research-Biology Division. 3 year term, 2014-2017
  • 2014 FUSE award to Brittany Conroy
  • 2013 FUSE award to Brittany Conroy
  • 2013 FUSE award to Hannah Wyble


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