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Campus Recreation

OEC Refresher Course

Saturday, Oct. 13th (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) –THIS WILL BE THE ONLY ONE FOR THE YEAR.

The OEC Refresher is a great way to annually review important medical skills and knowledge learned in the OEC class.  The Refresher requires you to demonstrate competence of 1/3 of the original class material.  Completion of a Refresher extends your certification one year, effectively recertifying in the entire course after three years.  OEC Refresher information, study guide, and scenario discussion are available in August from, on the Education/OEC page.  You must complete the scenario discussion worksheets before the Refresher.  It is best to start preparing early so that you are comfortable with the skills. 

Skipping an annual Refresher invalidates continuous recertification of the entire course, requiring the certificate holder to retake the entire class once the certification expires. Valid OEC certification also requires a current CPR for the Professional Rescuer certification

Estimated Registration Fee for non-Ski Patrol members is $56, PAY ON SITE (cash or check)\Register with the OVC so we are prepared for your attendance.



Please contact the OVC at 402.554.2258 or for further information.