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Injury, Prevention & Care Services


The following services are offered to all Campus Recreation members:

First Aid and Emergency Care
The IPC Room is stocked with first aid supplies as well as emergency equipment in the event an accident/injury occurs.

Injury Evaluations & Treatment
IPC offers injury evaluations performed by a certified athletic trainer (AT) to any faculty, staff or student who has a current activity card. Our AT's can provide you with the proper treatment, education, and/or referral necessary for you to recover from injury, as well as help to prevent the injury from happening again in the future. Treatment Options include First Aid, Ice Bag, Ice Massage, Ace Wrap/Tape, Hot Pack and Crutch Check-Out.

The AT on duty is available to tape for all sorts of injuries (during IPC hours). We ask that recreation members supply the proper taping supplies for each taping application. (EX. Ankle Tape - 1 1/2" tape & pre-wrap). *Campus recreation participants are required to supply their own tape. Taping supplies can be purchased in HPER Office, room 100.

Injury Advice
The IPC staff can answer basic questions regarding an injury, if you are unable to visit the IPC. (402) 554-3170.

Injury & Rehabilitation Education
The IPC Program can provide education to Campus Recreation members on the involved injury, provide materials pertaining to acute and post-acute care of the injury, and offer handouts & exercise logs on how to properly rehabilitate the injury.

Professional Referrals
The staff at IPC can refer injured members to UNO Student Health Services or to outside sources for any injuries that need to be seen by a physician or orthopedic surgeon. Members will be provided with all the information necessary to set up an appointment.