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Meet the Campus Recreation Personal Trainiers! If you have any questions, call 402.554.2539.



Name: Skyler Brooke

Major: Exercise Science

Year in School: Senior

Favorite Class: Theory and Practice of Weight Training

Background: I have taken four years of Academic classes on exercise, and also have a great understanding of nutrition.

Future Goals: I would like to graduate with an exercise science degree, and continue to help people reach their fitness goals.

Work-Out Philosophy: I train to be in the best shape possible. I value both strength training as well as cardiovascular training.


Name: Amy Kerns

Major: Exercise Science

Year in School: Senior

Favorite Class: Exercise Leadership-Practicum 1

Background: I am a personal trainer and weight room supervisor at UNO as well as an instructor of the Becoming A Fitter You class. I coach youth volleyball and soccer and play volleyball and soccer for fun.

Future Goals: After graduation in December I plan on pursuing a career as a strength and conditioning coach at either the high school or collegiate level.

Work-Out Philosophy: The key to being fit is movement. When setting exercise goals the focus should be fitness rather then losing weight or being the strong person in the gym. If fitness is the goal, weight loss and strength will happen. Always remember if you are tired of starting over stop giving up!

What They Say About Amy:

"Amy is superb!!!!!! I can't express it enough! I had a goal to lose 10 pounds in the 5 week training period & I did it in 3 weeks! Her routines keep me excited to exercise... she keeps great communication with me and seeing how I'm progressing & giving encouragement. My weight lifting, push-ups, and speed has improved very well in the last three weeks! I have an easier time walking and going up and down stairs. This has been amazing! Amy was the perfect trainer to motivate me. I don't regret this at all, completely worth my money and time, & I know I couldn't have improved so quickly without Amy's tips & training."

Amanda Gilmore
Personal Training Client of Amy Kerns