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masters swim program faq


1.  Is there a coach on deck?
Yes, there is a coach on deck for every practice. All of our coaches are UNO College students with a competitive swimming background.

2. Are there any extra fees?
Yes, there is a onetime fee of $10 for your membership card.

3. Am I able to use the weight rooms or cardio equipment?

Yes, your UNO Masters Membership gives you a limited membership to the UNO Campus Recreation center. Members are allowed to use the fitness facilities during practice times and 1 hour before or after the scheduled practice times.

4. What about parking?
You may purchase a parking pass from the UNO Parking office- call 402-554-7275. Or you can park in Elmwood Park and walk up to the facility.

5. How do I join?
If you are already a Student or Campus Recreation Member just go join in on a practice! For non members, just sign up at the front desk of the HPER (Health Physical Education & Recreation) building


Practice Schedule
Click here for Masters Swim Hours
Please note: All practices last about 1 hour.
Campus Rec Activity Card Holder: Free
General Public: $43.75/month, $175/semester
Master's swim members have access to the facility 1 hour before the listed start time and 1 hour after the end time. No exceptions.

For more info call: Pat Philippi at 554-2223


Needing a Workout??
Click here for a number of choices!

If you would like to park on campus during the week, you must obtain a parking permit
from UNO Campus Security located in the Eppley Administrative Building.
For more information about parking, please call 554-7275