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Join us for traditional Taekwondo with the basics of Judo and Hapkido.
Class meets every Tuesday & Thursday
7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
HPER 124
Campus Rec Members $40/month
Non Members $60/month
*Price is pro rated daily

Workouts are broken down into the follow basic groups:

Technical (Floor Drills)
- Focuses on perfecting kicking and blocking technique
- About 3/4 of class time dedicated to floor drills

Paddle & Heavy Bag Drills
Focus on roudhouse, side kick and crescent kick
Basic and advanced

Done with upper ranks to get ready for testing

Portion of each workout dedicated to sparring
Work on leg exercises using all kicking techniques

Class Requirements
Each student must have uniform & basic sparring gear
Class structured for adult participants
Pre-registration required
General Public & UNO students welcome

Classes Instructed by:

Kent Templien
3rd Dan Hapkido
1st Dan Judo
UNO HPER Adjunct Faculty

Neal Hakenson
3rd Dan Taekwondo
Instructor since 1993

Sign up at the HPER Control Desk
Questions? Call Dave at 402.554.2008
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