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About the Challenge:

Participants receive weekly tips, which motivate and educate them to increase physical activity and improve nutrition. Participants are encouraged and rewarded for logging their physical activity and weight-loss weekly through their personal dashboard on the Live Healthy website.

Over the 100 days of the Challenge, the Live Healthy system calculates team averages and maintains a leaderboard which can be sorted by company, state or nation to further motivate teams as they engage in friendly competition.
Benefit of Joining:

Each participant also receives:
- Live Healthy T-Shirt
- Annual Subscription to a healthy lifestyle magazine
- Access to a host of free online resources, including workout nutrition planners, video workouts and workout music downloads.

The cost for our employees is only $10 after retrieving a $5 online coupon code from This price is only available when you register using our company code: LHNUNO and the coupon from Your coupon code is: LH2468
Interested in some fun activities in HPER to get your heart rate going? You don't need to be a member to participate. Click here for more info!

How to join the Challenge

If you’d like to participate, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Start a Team—Form a team of 2-10 co-workers.  (Spouses are welcome and encouraged to enter and receive the same price.)

Step 2: Organize Your Team—Choose a Captain, and a team name (be creative).  Captains collect team members’ email addresses and shirt sizes for registration.  We also recommend setting individual and team goals.

Step 3: Register Your Team—Captains go to to register.  At the top of the home page, where it asks for “GROUP REGISTRATION ID”, enter our code, which is LHNUNO.  Follow the registration steps, including entering team member names, email addresses and shirt sizes.  Captains, please remember to go to and retrieve the Live Healthy $5 coupon code (Your coupon code is: LH2468,) which provides a discount of $5 per participant.  Once the team is entered, team members will receive an email prompting them for additional information.

Step 4: Report Weekly Progress—Each participant can log activity minutes and weight loss daily in their online journal.  Participants are reminded to record weekly totals every Friday.

Step 5: Just Do It!—Many studies have proven that habits can easily be established with 100 days.  Take advantage of the resources, motivation and team support.  It is our sincere wish that each of you will fully engage in this challenge—individually, and as a team—and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, including feeling better, looking better, thinking better and living better!

Questions: Get information at, or call or email questions directly to the Nebraska Sports Council at 402-471-2544 or company coordinator,Whitney Prenzlow, can be reached at 554-3185 or

**You do not need to be a Mav-Rec Activity Card Holder to Participate**