Mathematics Awareness Month, April 2010

Mathematics and Climate

Department of Mathematics, UNO

April 9

Mathematics Symposium: "Mathematics Awareness Month at UNO"

    9:00-12:00 AM, Room: Durham Science Center 256

Note: The student presenters are enrolled in the Kerrigan Research Minigrant Program.
    9:25-9:45, Bryan Johnson, UNO - Mathematics
      "Discontinuous Galerkin method with h-refinement for two dimensional linear hyperbolic problems on unstructured meshes" (abstract)
    10:05-10:25, Nian Yan, UNO - Mathematics
    10:25-10:30, Jack Heidel, UNO - Mathematics, Chair of the department
      "The 2010 Kerrigan Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics Ceremony"
    10:30-10:50, Kevin Beam, UNO - Mathematics
    10:50-11:10, Aziz Inoyatov, UNO - Mathematics
    11:10-11:30, Jaime Lopez, UNO - Mathematics
    11:30-11:50, Bo Guo, UNO - Information Science and Technology
    11:50-12:10, Weiwei Zhang, UNO - Mathematics
    12:10-12:30, Beichen Wang, UNO - Mathematics

April 12

"Preservice Math Teachers Party"

Organizers: Janice Rech and Michael Matthews.

    4:30-5:30 PM, Durham Science Center (DSC) 208

April 16

Guest Speaker: Dr. Andrew Swift, UNO-Mathematics "Is NFL Overtime Unfair? Using Mathematics to Answer This and Other Sports Questions"

    2:30-3:30 PM, Durham Science Center (DSC) TBA

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