Mathematics Awareness Month, April 2006

Mathematics and Internet Security

Department of Mathematics, UNO

April 7

Mathematics Symposium: "Mathematics Awareness Month at UNO"

    8:30-11:30 AM, Room: DSC 256

Note: Some of the student presenters are enrolled in the Kerrigan Research Minigrant Program, marked as KRMP below.
    8:30-8:35, Dora Matache, UNO - Mathematics, chair of the 2006 MAM committee
    8:35-8:55, Louis Scott Bock, UNO - Mathematics, KRMP
      "Using 2-Additive Measures in Nonlinear Multiregressions" (abstract)
    8:55-9:15, Ray Goodman, UNO - Mathematics, KRMP
      "Random Boolean networks with number of parents generated by certain probability distributions" (abstract) . Poster on the DSC256 hallway.
    9:15-9:35, Jay Pedersen, UNO - Mathematics, KRMP
      "Design and Implementation of a Tournament Assignment Algorithm" (abstract) . Poster on the DSC256 hallway.
    9:35-9:55, Vladimir Ufimtsev, UNO - Mathematics, KRMP
      "Group Testing and its Application to Multiple Access Information Transmission Models." (abstract)
    9:55-10:15, Miao Liu, UNO - Mathematics, KRMP
      "Nonlinear Multiregressions Involving Unknown Periodic Variation" (abstract) . Poster on the DSC256 hallway.
    10:15-10:35, Chris Goodrich, UNO - Mathematics, KRMP
      "Robustness Analysis of certain Random Boolean networks " (abstract)
    10:35-10:55, Nian Yan, UNO - Mathematics, KRMP
      "Solving nonlinear classifications based on the Choquet integral by LP" (abstract)
    10:55-11:15, Zaher Kmail and Jay Hutfles, UNO - Mathematics
      "Algorithms for High School Timetabling" (abstract) . Poster on the DSC256 hallway.

    11:15, Student Poster Session Opening, Where: DSC256 hallway
      Some of the symposium presenters will answer questions regarding their posters related to the talks (posters)

April 21

Problem Solving Contest for Area High School Students (site)

    1:00-3:00 PM, DSC 164 and 165

April 26

Invited Talk: Dr. David Torney, Los Alamos National Laboratory, T-10 division on Theoretical Biology & Biophysics: On Sensor Networks

    2:30-3:30 PM, Durham Science Center (DSC) 255

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