Problem Solving Contest for Area High School Students

April 15, 2005, 2:00-3:30PM, Rooms: Durham Science Center (DSC) 115 and 116

  Details about the contest:
    The contest consists of 5 problems, each for 10 points for a best possible of 50 points. Each problem is graded independently by two graders. The score per problem is the average of the two scores. The total score of each participant is the sum of all the averages. Any correct solution receives full credit. Individual prizes (gift certificates) are awarded to the participants with best totals. The school with the best sum of its top three participants wins a traveling trophy. The name of the winning school is engraved on the trophy, and the school will keep it for display until the next year.



  • List of participants.

    The problems are proposed by Parsla Dineen,   Judy Downey,   John Konvalina,   Dora Matache, and Valentin Matache and graded by Parsla Dineen, Judy Downey, Dora Matache, Valentin Matache, and the following students: David Daro, Jin Hui, Naomi Kochi, Nam Pham, and Vladimir Ufimtsev.

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