Mathematics Awareness Month, April 2004

The Mathematics of Networks

Department of Mathematics, UNO

April 1

Problem Solving Contest for Area High School Students (site)

    2:00-3:30 PM, Durham Science Center (DSC)

April 9

Mathematics Symposium: "Mathematics Awareness Month at UNO"

    9:00-12:30 AM, Durham Science Center (DSC) 256

    9:00-9:05, Dora Matache, UNO - Mathematics, chair of the 2004 MAM committee
    9:05-9:25, Janna Eckhardt, UNO - Mathematics
      "Mathematics and Signal Transduction in a Biological Network" (abstract)
    9:25-9:45, Laura Badger and Dustin Waderich, UNO - Mathematics
    9:45-10:05, Gary Beck, UNO - Mathematics
      "Clinical Experience and Examination Performance: Is There A Correlation?" (abstract)
    10:05-10:25, Eric Manley, UNO - Mathematics
      "The Lang-Trotter Conjecture: A Computational Perspective" (abstract)
    10:25-10:45, Angela Storm, UNO - Mathematics
      "The Purpose of Permutation in the Data Encryption Standard Algorithm" (abstract)
    10:45-11:05, Jin Hui, UNO - Mathematics
      "A New Model of Nonlinear Multiregression by Projection Pursuit Based on Generalized Choquet Integrals" (abstract)
    11:05-11:25, Erin Carmody, UNO - Mathematics
      "Seeking Solutions to x^4 + p^2y^4=z^4. Looking in Quadratic Fields" (abstract)
    11:25-11:45, Ni Yang, UNO - Mathematics
    11:45-12:30, Student Poster Session Opening, DSC 256 hallway
      The symposium presenters will answer questions regarding their posters related to the talks (posters)

April 22

Invited Talk: Chris Bilder, UNL: Turning data into knowledge to solve real world problems

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