Mathematics Awareness Month, April 2002

Mathematics and the Genome

Department of Mathematics, UNO

April 12, Poster Session, DSC 256 (hallway)

The authors of the posters will be available for questions and answers during the MAM at UNO Symposium on April 12, 9:00AM-2:30PM.

This site is dedicated to the soft-format version of our Mathematics Poster Session. Most of the files are in PDF format. You need Adobe' s Acrobat Reader to view these files. Since this is a premiere at UNO the organizers of the MAM activities have created the sample poster below to serve to our students participating in the session as an example of what a MATH POSTER might look like. The other posters are created by our students. The opening of this event is scheduled during the Mathematics Symposium on April 12, 2002. However, the posters will remain visible for the entire month of April.

    John Block, UNO - Mathematics
      "Using Statistics in Comparing Livestock" (pdf)
    Michael Pomykalski, Janice Sturges, Shelly Sutherland, UNO - Mathematics
      "Statistical Analysis of Egyptian Skull Measurements" (pdf)
    Alexander Churbanov, UNO - Mathematics
      "PAM matrix for BLAST algorithm" (pdf)
    R. Bennet, A.S. Buchan, M. Church, C. Haugen, C. Scheuerman, UNO - Mathematics
    M. Culek, J. Davis, D. Deden, C. Farrow, UNO - Mathematics
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