Mathematics Awareness Month, April 2002

Mathematics and the Genome

Department of Mathematics, UNO

April 12 - Schedule

Mathematics Symposium: "Mathematics Awareness Month at UNO"

    Morning Session, 9:00-12:00 AM, DSC 256

    9:00-9:20, Shelly Sutherland, UNO - Mathematics
      "Actuarial Modeling of the Cost Implications of Genome Research" (abstract)
    9:25-9:45, Richard Schultz, UNO - Mathematics
      "The Most Conservative Art in Modern America: Political Campaign Logos. A Statistical Analysis." (abstract)
    9:50-10:10, R. Bennett, A.S. Buchan, M. Church, C. Haugen, C. Scheuermann (speaker), UNO - Mathematics
    10:15-10:35, Dr. Qiuming Zhu, UNO - Computer Science
      "Biomedical Data Processing: Gene Expression Profile Clustering" (abstract)
    10:40-11:00, Gary Beck, F. McCurdy UNMC and UNO-Mathematics
      "Results of Intern/Program Director Survey on Clerkship Preparation for Residency" (abstract)
    11:05-11:25, Dr. Zhenyuan Wang, UNO - Mathematics
      "Clasification by Nonlinear Integral Projection Pursuit" (abstract)
    11:30-11:50, M. Culek, J. Davis (speaker), D. Deden, C. Farrow, UNO - Mathematics
      "Fourier Decomposition in Hilbert Spaces and Wavelet Sets" (abstract)

Afternoon Session, 1:30-2:30 PM, DSC 256

    1:30-2:20, Distinguished lecture, Dr. Simon Sherman, UNMC
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