Mathematics Awareness Month, April 2000

Mathematics Spans all Dimensions

Department of Mathematics, UNO

April 12 - Schedule

April 12

Mathematics Symposium: "Mathematics Awareness Month at UNO"

    Morning Session, 10:00-12:10 AM, 312 Allwine Hall

      10:00-10:10, Margaret Gessaman, chair, Department of Mathematics, UNO
        "Welcome to the Math Awareness Month at UNO"

      10:10-10:30, Elliott Ostler, UNO

      10:35-10:55, Lydia Thompson and Richard Longman, Grace University and UNO
        Continuity Versus Differentiability and Weierstrass's "Monster" (abstract)

      11:00-11:20, Jimmy Rogers, Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, University of Nebraska Medical Center
        "Use of Artificial Neural Networks to Clasify Nonlinearly Separable Input Patterns" (abstract)

      11:25-11:45, Griff Elder, UNO

      11:50-12:10, Brent Larson, Angela O'Conor, and Jodi Phillipi, Central High School, Westside Middle School, and Tara Heights Elementary
        "A Probability Analysis of Lottery Numbers for Secondary Level Students" (abstract)

    Afternoon Session, 2:00-5:00 PM, 304 Durham Science Center

      2:00-2:20, Neal Grandgenett, UNO
        "Exploring Geometry through Paper Circle Folding" (abstract)

      2:25-2:45, Andrew Buchan, UNO
        "Zeno's Paradoxes, Philosophical Discussions, Mathematics, and More" (abstract)

      2:50-3:10, Andrzej Roslanowski, UNO

      3:15-3:35, Annette Hamilton and Chad Fulk, Iowa Western Community College and UNO
        "Calculus, Simple Irrationalities, and More" (abstract)

      3:40-4:00, Greg Sand, Omaha Public Schools

      4:05-4:25, Valentin Matache, UNO
        "Using the Elliptic-Range Theorem to Span All Dimensions" (abstract)

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