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Buey Ruet Fifth Overall

Buey RuetThe UNO School of Communication has a National Finalist orator. Buey Ruet placed in fifth place overall after advancing from the preliminary rounds to semi-finals and finals, Forensics

Coach Abbie Syrek said. For the second year in a row, Ruet was one of only two Nebraskans selected to compete from the elite 100 student speakers across the nation.

Ruet spoke about Aqua-Africa, Inc., which he founded to address a serious problem:

"The average person requires about five gallons of water each day to survive. The average American consumes well over 100 gallons of water every day, from drinking water, bathing,

laundry, to watering a lawn. Yet an entire African household has only five gallons of water available each day." For more information, please visit the web site to

learn about how Buey Ruei Tut and another Sudanese-born man are making a difference

Ruet was coached by Syrek, graduate student Dave Campbell and faculty member Shannon Holland. Interstate Oratory “is truly ‘the best of the best’,” faculty member Barb Pickering said.

Ruet also competed on the Forensics team and helped them move up ten spots to 25th in the nation this year.