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Faculty Honored With Awards

Pickering and Ogden are Recognized for Teaching

Barb PickeringDr. Pickering is a teacher and scholar. “UNO is a stronger university because of your commitment to excellence in teaching,” Alumni Association President/CEO Lee Denker said.

Pickering’s students praised her for excellence in classroom teaching. She is a distinguished teacher with more than 25 years of experience. “She succeeds by setting high standards of excellence for her students and herself,” School Director Jeremy Lipschultz wrote. “By using this clear philosophy, Dr. Pickering motivates students to do their best.

Pickering has a seamless integration of her teaching, research and community engagement. Her work with the American Democracy Project (ADP) and Debate Watch were truly amazing. The ADP work involved teaching (student participation), research (data collection), and service (media relations) in a multifaceted program of scholarship

Her phenomenal efforts, which included two Debate Watch 2004 sessions and a post-election forum, attracted significant student participation and local media attention.

Since the inception of the alumni teaching awards in the 1990s, seven School of Communication faculty members have won the prestigious award. Additionally, four Communication faculty members have won UNO’s campus teaching award, and one has been recognized with the University of Nebraska system award

Dave OgdenDave Ogden has won the 2007 UNO Faculty Excellence in Service-Learning Award. “I was delighted with the committee's choice,” Paul Sather, Service-Learning Academy director said.

“The committee was truly impressed with the scope of your work in service-learning, your history as a leader in the field, and your many contributions as mentor to other faculty members and as an advocate for the work of the Academy across campus,” Sather wrote.

Ogden will be recognized at the April 12 honors breakfast. Ogden was among 14 “really solid nominations” for the award. “Congratulations on a well-deserved honor!” Dean Gail F. Baker said.