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Mort Crim wins lifetime achievement award

Mort Crim was one of six recognized by the School of Communication at the 55 th Annual Awards Banquet, “Community and Communication,” April 29 at the W. H. Thompson Alumni Center.

Mort Crim

Crim received the Lifetime achievement award for his work as a broadcaster in radio and television. He has been a reporter for radio stations in Chicago and New York and for ABC Radio. He went into Vietnam with President Johnson in 1966, and covered every NASA space flight from Gemini 3 to Apollo 12.

His television career began at WHAS-TV in Louisville.

In Philadelphia, Crim co-anchored the news at KYW-TV with Jessica Savitch, whose family asked him to deliver her eulogy after her death in 1983.

After a short stint in Chicago, Crim joined WDIV-TV in Detroit in 1978 and stayed there until his retirement in 1997 as anchor and senior editor. The evening news broadcast was twice judged Best Local Newscast in the United States.

Dr. Jeremy Lipschultz and Mort Crim touring Offut A. F. Base

In addition, Crim produced and syndicated three daily radio programs: A five minute newscast of news to talk about, a 90-second inspirational message, and a one-minute essay about average Americans who are making a difference. He retired from those programs in 1996.

Crim is the author of seven books, founded Mort Crim Communications, Inc., does voice-overs, has a commercial pilot’s license, and is a motivational speaker. He also volunteers and serves dinners each week at a Salvation Army near his home.

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