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PowerPoint workshops.

These PowerPoint workshops were created by Writing Center consultants for your personal or classroom use. Click on the PowerPoint title to access / download the material.

MLA Documentation Style

This workshop presentation explains when to use MLA in-text citations and provides Works Cited examples. It has been updated to reflect the 2009 MLA Handbook guidelines.

Current, Recoverable Investigation: An Introduction to APA Documentation Style

From title page to heading levels to APA documentation style, this workshop covers the basics of APA and has been revised to reflect the new sixth edition (2009) guidelines.

Should I Place a Comma Here or Not?
Comma rules reviewed in this presentation include commas with introductory elements, compound sentences, items in a series, essentials and non-essentials, appositives, interrupters, and adjectives.

Rein in those Runaway Sentences: Comma Splices and Fused Sentences
This presentation humorously underscores the value of punctuation, then shows various ways to fix the comma splice and the fused or run-on sentence.

Variety is the Spice of Life!
This workshop explores ways to vary sentence structures to "spice up" your writing style.

From Chaos to Clarity: Effectively Outlining and Organizing Your Paper
Both pre-draft and post-draft outline strategies are presented in this workshop designed to help writers organize their ideas.

Quoting and Paraphrasing
If you ever wonder whether you should quote or paraphrase, or if you struggle with paraphrasing skills, this workshop is for you. It explains how to paraphrase effectively and provides examples.

Getting from Point A to Point B: Creating Good Transitions
This workshop uses examples based on the sitcom Friends to explain the importance of transitions.