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The Writing Center
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The Writing Center offers various services for the UNO writing community:

Individual consultations. The center’s primary mission is to provide a place for writers to talk with writers about their writing projects. Consultations with a trained writing consultant last 25 or 50 minutes. During that time, the consultant will answer questions, provide feedback, and coach you through any stage of your writing process from brainstorming to final editing. A writing consultant can assist you in any of the following areas:

...deciding on a topic
...generating ideas
...focusing your ideas
...enhancing your writing style
...handling technical details of grammar, documentation, and format
...understanding different forms of writing
...becoming a more confident writer

Consultations for graduate students. Since graduate-level essays are often lengthy, you may wish to reserve an hour-long appointment instead of the standard half hour. The Office of Graduate Studies sponsors three graduate consultants who work at the Main Center. Their hours and schedule can be found by selecting their schedule from the pull-down menu on our scheduling system. Though these consultants focus is on graduate level work, all of our consultants are trained to work with writers of any ability level.

Mammel Hall location. As of Fall 2011, we have a location for students who live or take classes on South Campus. Consultants are available for appointments in Mammel Hall Rm 131. To view available appointments, click the "Make an Appointment" link above and select "Mammel Hall" from the drop-down menu.

Criss Library satellite. A Writing Center consultant is also available for scheduled consultations on the Main Floor of the UNO Library - just past the cirulation desk. To view available appointments, click the "Make an Appointment" link above and select "Criss Library" from the drop-down menu.

Workshops. Center consultants offer a variety of workshops on topics of interest to the university’s writing community. Presented at our central location in ASH 150 or in the classroom, presentation topics range from pre-writing strategies to documentation styles.