a journal of women's and gender studies

volume one, june 2010

editor: Suzanne Moshier


Rachel Tomlinson Dick



Rachel Tomlinson Dick is a native of Omaha, Nebraska.  A May, 2010, graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, she earned a B.A. with a major in women’s studies and minors in French and sociology.  Her numerous honors and awards include the Mary Ann Lamanna Award for Excellence in Women’s Studies, Student Leader of the Month for March, 2010, Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement Award in Women’s Studies, Departmental Honors in French from the UNO Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Finalist for the Senior Vice Chancellor’s Outstanding Leadership Award, Who’s Who Among College and University Students, and Rising Star Award from Nebraska Young Democrats.  Her future plans will take her to graduate school to pursue a master’s degree in gender studies and sociology, followed by a doctoral program.  These she intends as preparation for an academic career in gender studies and sociology.  Her readers will be interested to know some of her personal favorites.  Her favorite author is Sylvia Plath; painter: Joyce Wieland; music: independent folk pop and experimental; films: documentaries, independent, and French New Wave.  Her favorite animals are cats, and her favorite plants are herbs, particularly basil.