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About Us

No Limits! publishes works in women’s and gender studies by undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates. No Limits! provides a venue through which outstanding scholarly and creative work in women's and gender studies may be shared with a large audience. Because The journal’s origin and name trace to the No Limits! Conference, the journal seeks, first, creative and scholarly works presented at the No Limits! Conference, which is hosted in rotation by the University of Nebraska at Omaha, the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (See Guidelines for Submissions on this site.).


The idea to establish an online journal as a spin-off of the No Limits! Conference traces to about 2003 when the directors of the Women's and Gender Studies Programs at the three University of Nebraska campuses that host the conference agreed that a journal would be a good idea, and UNO’s Dr. Karen Falconer Al-Hindi wrote a grant proposal for start-up funds.

From the outset the intent was to maintain the one element of the conference that has characterized it since its inception in 1993, namely, that the principal purpose of the conference is to provide students an opportunity to present their scholarly and creative works. Therefore, No Limits! is dedicated to the publication of the scholarly and creative works by students. The next stage in the development of the journal was the exploration of concepts and working policies.

Appropriately, three of the four people who accomplished this phase were students. In 2007 Dr. Kristin Girten offered a class that enabled students to propose a working model for the journal in the form of web pages. The three students who took this class were Katie Starman, Jody Ludlow, and Kelsey Kalal. Next, the No Limits! journal moved a step closer to its first issue, when Dean J. D. Boocker of the UNO College of Arts and Sciences approved the creation of an Associate Directorship of Women's Studies. The associate director's charge was and is to launch the journal and serve as its Editor.

Editorial Board


Suzanne Moshier
Professor of Women's Studies and Biology,
Associate Director of Women's Studies, University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Women's Studies Specialties: women's studies perspective on health care, women's studies perspective on biology, Honor Bridget Fell

Associate Editors

Henry D’Souza
Professor of Women's Studies and Social Work, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Women's Studies Specialties: gender issues and social policy

Karen Falconer Al-Hindi
Professor of Women's Studies and Geography
Director of Women's Studies, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Women's Studies Specialties: geography, gender, and work; feminist urban geography; feminist research methodology

Kristin Girten

Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies and English, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Women’s Studies Specialties: women in science and literature during the British Enlightenment, feminist theory and criticism, gender and theories of visual culture, eighteenth-century social history and gender

Laura Grams

Assistant Professor of Women's Studies and Philosophy, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Women's Studies Specialties: women and philosophy, feminist and womanist theories and their historical development, women philosophers in the ancient world

Susan Naramore Maher

Dean, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota, Duluth

Women's Studies Specialties: women's literary history and criticism, ecofeminism, creative nonfiction by women, Willa Cather