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Women's and Gender Studies Program

Women's Studies

Women's Studies Minor

The Women's Studies minor, approved in Spring 1988, formalized a program centered on women. The minor offers all students information on women and gender not available in many traditional courses. It may be particularly useful to those planning careers in education, counseling, or business environments that include many women of diverse backgrounds.

Very Important!

Courses presented for credit toward a major or minor in Women's Studies must be approved by the program and must be taught by a Women's Studies faculty member.


Required Courses (6 Total Credits)
3 Introductory Iinterdisciplinary Course: Humanities
(e.g., art history, philosophy, English, dance)
3 Introductory Interdisciplinary Course: Social Sciences
( e.g., history, sociology, psychology)
Elective Courses (12 Total Credits)
12 Any 3000- or 4000-level courses from approved list