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Women's and Gender Studies Program

Women's Studies

Approved Courses

Courses presented for credit toward a major or minor in Women's and Gender Studies must be approved by the program and must be taught by a Women's and Gender Studies faculty member.


Art 4000/8006 Exploring Women's Issues in Art

Art/WGST 4930 Special Topics in Gender and Art History: Women, Art and Culture; Art of the 18th Century - Gender and Visual Culture
Art 4930 Special Topics Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity


BIOL 4030 Special Topics: Biology of Women

Black Studies

BLST/WGST 1950 Black Women in America

BLST 2210 The Black Family in the United States

BLST 4010  The Black Woman: A Historical Perspective

Criminal Justice

CJUS 3390 Women, Crime, and Justice

CJUS 4800 Special Topics: Family Violence


ENGL/WGST 2000 Topics: Language in the Minority

ENGL/WGST 2230 Ethnic Lit: Cultures of Resistance

ENGL/WGST 3000 Survey of Literature by Women; Contemporary Short Story Writing by Women; Reading a Woman's Life; American Women Playwrights

ENGL/WGST 4250 Introduction to Women's Studies in Literature

ENGL/WGST 4260 Women of Color Writers: African, African-American, Caribbean, and Indian

ENGL/WGST 4270 Women Writers of the West

ENGL/WGST 4690 Lanuage, Gender, and Sexuality

ENGL/WGST 4940 Afro-American Women's Novels: Female Identity and History, Commonwealth Writers, Jane Austen in the Female

ENGL/WGST 4960 Century American Women Writers

Family and Consumer Sciences

FCS 4850 Contemporary Family Issues


FREN 4960/8966/ WGST 4970/8976 SP: Exiles, Madwomen, and witches in 20th Century French Literature


GEOG 4150/8156 Geography, Gender, and Work


GRCH 3010 Men in Feminism Seminar

Health Education

HED/WGST 3080 Health Concepts in Human Sexuality

HED/WGST 4550 Health Aspects of Aging

HED/WGST 4700 Women's Health and Issues of Diversity


HIST /WGST 299020th Century United States and Russian Women

HIST /WGST 3580Topics: Queens and Mistresses in Early Modern Europe

HIST/WGST 4060 History of Women in the United States

HIST/WGST 4470 History of American Medicine and Public Health

HIST/WGST 4910 Topics in History: Latin American Women; Asian Women; Gender and Work in 19th Century America; Gender & Spirituality in the Middle Ages; The Roman Family; Women of the American West


HONR 3000 Honors Colloquium: Feminism and the Family

HONR 3502 Special Topics: Women in Islam


PHIL/WGST 3490 Problems in Feminist Philosophy

Political Science

PSCI/WGST 3130 Women and Politics
PSCI/WGST 3230 Gender and Global Politics
PSCI 3920 Gender and Global Politics


PSYC 4920 Psychology of Native American Women


RELI 3130 Women and the Bible (WGST 3120)

RELI/WGST 3250 The Feminine in Mythology

RELI/WGST 3500 Special Topics: Women in Islam
(also counts for Honors credit)

RELI/WGST 3500 Women Mystics

RELI/WGST 3500 Martyrs, Monks, and Mystics

RELI/WGST 4040 Religion and Homosexuality


RUSS/WGST 3055 Women in Russian Society and Culture

Speech Communication

SPCH 3750 Gender and Communication

Social Work

SOWK/WGST 4880 Women's Issues in Social Work

SOWK 8060 Institutional Racism and Sexism


SOC 2150 Marriage and the Family

SOC 2800 Women of Color in the United States

SOC 3630 Comparative Social Institutions

SOC 4150 American Family Problems

SOC 4300 Sociology of Gender

SOC 4500 Law, the Family and Public Policy

SOC/HED 4700 Women's Health & Issues of Diversity

SOC 4800 Contemporary Topics: Sociology of Sexualities


SPAN 4490/8496 Spanish Literature and Film

Women's Studies

WGST 4990 Independent Study

WGST 2010 Introduction to Women's Studies: Social and Behavioral Sciences

WGST 2020 Introduction to Women's Studies: The Humanities

WGST 3020 Gender and Leadership

WGST 4010 Senior Seminar

Writers Workshop

WRWS 3000 New Poetry by American Women

WRWS 4000 Women of Fiction