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Women's and Gender Studies Program

Women's Studies


What can I do with a degree in Women's Studies?

As a liberal arts degree, the B. A. in Women's Studies prepares students for a wide variety of career paths. It may be of particular interest to students planning careers in education, counseling or business, for example.

The Women's and Gender Studies Programs at UNO, UNK and UNL are working together to meet shared goals of educating students, promoting academic excellence and connecting with our respective communities. Visit the UNL and UNK Women's and Gender Studies Program websites.

Search for jobs at the Feminist Majority Foundation Career Center website.

American Humanics, Inc. is a national organization that collaborates with affiliated college/university programs and nonprofit agencies in recruiting, preparing, and placing students in meaningful careers with youth and human service agencies. Participation in the American Humanics Program builds on and enhances your chosen major course of study and provides you with the tools to achieve success in the field of youth and human service agency management. The AH program at UNOmaha has been designed to articulate well with the major in Women's Studies. For more information, contact Karen Falconer Al-Hindi (554-3834) or the Director of American Humanics, Angel Eickenberry (554-6019). Visit the American Humanics website.

Perspectives from Former Students

Women’s Studies is about your daily life. Sexism still exists, gender is still an issue, and backlash is always around the corner.

Kathleen Mahoney
Project Coordinator for the New York Public Interest Research Group at the City University of New York at Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York

[The Women’s Studies program is] a manifesto for my political actions and a personal challenge to imagine a future of equality.
Elizabeth Bowers
Maritime Management
Seattle, Washington

I now work on the state level for the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR). I train police officers, district justices, advocates, and professionals on issues pertaining to sexual assault.
Emily Brickner
Trainer for the Pennsylvania Coalition, Enola, Pennsylvania

Women’s Studies is a most rare and difficult gift. You will suffer the consequences of an increased consciousness: these will be beautiful; these will be burdensome. It will be one of the best gestures of your life—a decision you shall never regret, but honor, always, and cherish unto the grave.
Belikos Gray
Stunt/Actor for Wild West Show at Disneyland,
Paris, Paris, France

Women’s Studies, for me, is an invitation to be part of a seminar in Beijing on health and fitness, an opportunity to teach about HIV/AIDS in Kenya for an NGO, and my current job in Hungary teaching ESL in a gymnasium. My degree in Women’s Studies has helped me in many ways.
Erika Goldstein

University of Arizona Graduate
Kisunhalas, Hungary