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UNOTheatre's 2012-13 Season

by Williams Shakespeare

September 26-29, October 3-6, 2012

War, honor, family, revenge. These central Shakespearean themes get their first bracing examination in the Bard's early tragedy. Titus is Rome's greatest general and the head of a noble Roman family. When his armies vanquish the Goths, their defeated queen unleashes a fury that rocks Titus's city, devastates his children, and shatters his sense of self. The cycle of revenge is shocking, bloody, and all-encompassing, but expressed through poetry and theatricality as vivid, energized, and thrilling as anything in Shakespeare's later works. It is undeniably a play for our time: a sophisticated blend of heart-stopping drama and pitch black humor.

Directed by D. Scott Glasser

Titus Andronicus

by Mary Zimmerman

November 14-17, 28 - December 1, 2012

Adapted from a great 12th century Persian epic, Mirror of the Invisible World tells the story of a young King, who, after falling in love with seven princesses—each from a different land—builds seven pavilions to house his beautiful brides. Each night, a different princess weaves for him another wondrous tale of love, loss and adventure. 8 actors transform these stories into an enchanting theatrical evening.

Directed by Dr. Cindy Melby Phaneuf

Mirror of the Invisible World

by Liz Duffy Adams

February 12-16, 27, March 1, 2013

Aphra Behn is getting out of the spy trade and into show biz, if she can only write her play without interruptions from her love life—celebrity Nell Gwynne, King Charles II, and double-agent William Scott, among others. While war rages and Aphra and her friends celebrate free love, cross-dressing and pastoral lyricism, the 1660s start to look a lot like the 1960s. Verse or prose, now or then, love or death…And a lot of kissing.

Directed by Sarah Fogarty Campbell (Graduate Final Project)

by Caridad Svich

February 19-23, February 28, March 2, 2013

A seriocomic, kaleidoscopic exploration of the intersection between origin, history, and memory as a child is born in the U.S. in the year 1963. A President is about to be assassinated, a country singer dies, a senator falls from grace, and two surfers look for bliss in the imagined Scottish skies.

Directed by Thais Flaitt Giannoccaro (Graduate Final Project)

by Steven Gooch

April 10-13, 17-20, 2013

Between 1787 and 1868, the British Crown shipped men, women, and children in bondage to the British penal colony of Australia. A riotous group of disparate cellmates transforms during the six month sea journey to a tough, unified matriarchal society—ready to change the wild land they are about to inhabit into a more just place than the England they left behind. As songs of the period punctuate and underscore the action, these women strive to prove themselves more civilized below deck than their male captors above.

Directed by Dr. Doug Paterson

Female Transport

Government Inspector

September 28- October 1 & October 12-15, 2011

When the locals in 1860 Omaha learn that an undercover government inspector is coming for a surprise visit, an unfortunate case of mistaken identity sends the town spiraling into a world of panic and greed. Witty, smart and wildly satirical, The Government Inspector exposes the corruption of a provincial town with biting hilarity.

Directed by Dr. Doug Paterson

Government Inspector

12 Ophelias

November 16-19 & November 30-December 3, 2011

Shakespeare's Ophelia rises up out of the water dreaming of Pop Tarts and other sweet things. She finds herself in a setting where Gertrude runs a brothel, Hamlet is called Rude Boy, and nothing is what it seems. In this mirrored world of word scraps and cold sex, Ophelia cuts a new path for herself. Combining original music with poetic and colloquial language, 12 Ophelias is a theatre song-poem about being broken by society and love, being lost and finding yourself again.

Directed by Dr. Cindy Phaneuf

12 Ophelias

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

February 22-25, February 29-March 3, 2012

In Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, a powerful Southern family gathers at a birthday celebration for patriarch Big Daddy who does not know that he is dying of cancer. In a scramble to secure their part of his estate, family members hide the truth about his diagnosis from him and Big Mama. Front and center as tensions mount are alcoholic former football hero Brick and his beautiful but sexually frustrated wife Maggie "the Cat" as their troubled relationship comes to a stormy and steamy climax, a shockwave of secrets are finally revealed. Brimming with Williams' trademark emotional intensity and insightful wit.

Directed by Mark Schnitzler (Graduate Final Project)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Assassins: The Musical

April 11-14 & 18-21, 2012

Bold, original, surreal, disturbing, thought-provoking and alarmingly funny, Assassins, lays bare the lives of nine individuals who assassinated or tried to assassinate the President of the United States, in a one-act historical "revusical" that explores the dark side of the American experience. From John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Oswald, the rules of time and space are bent, taking us on a nightmarish rollercoaster ride in which the notorious from different historical periods meet, interact and in an intense final scene inspire each other to harrowing acts in the name of the American Dream.

Directed by Dr. Scott Glasser



October 6-9 & 13-16, 2010

"Touching, inventive, invigoratingly compact and luminously liquid in its rythems and design, EURYDICE reframes the ancient myth of ill-fated love to focus not on the bereaved musician but on his dead bride - and on her struggle with love beyond the grave as both wife and daughter."
- The San Francisco Chronicle

Directed by Krystal Kelly


Noises Off

November 17-20 & December 1-4, 2010

The play takes a fond look at the follies of theatre folk, whose susceptivility to out-of-control egos, memory loss and passionate affairs turn every performance into a high-risk adventure. This comedy-within-a-comedy captures a touring theatre throupe's production of Nothing On in three stages: dress rehearsal, the opening performance, and a performance toward the end of the run. Each performance is portrayed from behind the scenes, progressing from flubbed lines and missed cues in the dress rehearsal to mounting friction between cast members in teh final performance. Brimming with slaptick comedy, NOISES OFF is a backstage farce of slamming doors, falling trousers and flying sardines!

Directed by D. Scott Glasser

Noises Off!

Dark Play or Stories for Boys

February 23-26, March 2-5, 2011

When 14-year-old Nick comes across a naively worded ad from 16-year-old Adam reading "I want to fall in love," he's blown away. What is this love? Already bored with cyber sex and posting fake online ads, Nick invents the girl of Adam's dreams, Rachel, and Adam and Rachel fall hard. But as the cyber relationship heightens, so do the emotional stakes in the real world, until the two collide with devastating consequences.

Directed by Dr. Amy Lane

Dark Play or Stories for Boys

Twelfth Night

April 13-16 & 20-23

This drama is one of the great comedy plays by William Shakespeare. Viola, cross dresses and takes the man's name of Cesario. Viola enters the service of the Duke of Illyria, Orsino. Orsino longs for the love of a neighbouring countess. Viola (Cesario) then falls in love with Orsino. To add to the farce Viola's (Cesario) identical twin, Sebastian arrives on the scene. Living in Olivia’s household is her uncle, Sir Toby Belch, a merry character. The steward of the household is the conceited Malvolio.The plot illustrates jealousy, mistaken Identity, cross-dressing and features fights and duels. In the end Sebastian and Olivia fall in love and marry. Orsino realises that it is Viola that he loves and she agrees to marry him. Sir Toby Belch and Maria also decide to marry! Twelfth Night ends and everyone, except Malvolio, is happy and Shakespeare speaks of the madness of love.

Directed by Dr. Cindy Melby Phaneuf

Twelfth Night