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“The Upper Room truly enjoyed working with Creighton in the Volunteer Assessment Program. It was easy to accomplish for us, and gave us some great insight into our programs and how we could improve things for volunteers. I think we most benefited from comments volunteers left for us to read about things they like about our program's fluidity and things that could be improved upon. It was also helpful how we had a student working direcly on our study, to guide us along the way. I can't think of anything currently that should have been done differently. We truly appreciated the opportunity to participate in the VPA.”Mallory Gubet, The Upper Room

“The VPA was very helpful, both in viewing the spread of responses and the written feedback. The staff were timely, helpful, and kept the plan on schedule.  We are looking forward to an annual retake now that we have a baseline established.  Also, we are planning on implementing several of the follow-up recommendations.” - Dave Holm, Quakerdale

“The process was seamless.  The explanation, assistance with getting the survey out and the debriefing session afterward with Dr. Allen and Dr. Scherer was wonderful!  I appreciated the recommendations and I feel that it is making our volunteer team stronger.  We are a work in progress but this helped to give some direction to where we need to focus our energy.” - Christie Abdul, Lakeside Hospital

The VPA allowed us to gain tremendous insight into our volunteer program, providing us a snapshot of things that we’re doing successfully and areas where we can improve to help retain our amazing volunteers. With a combination of closed and open-ended questions, we were able to get the specific information we needed to enhance the areas of our volunteer program that needed it the most. Since administering the VPA, we’ve improved communication with our existing volunteers, put additional training programs into place, and generated a host of new ideas that will keep our volunteer program buzzing for months, and even years, to come.”    - Marcie Willms, Community Relations Manager, Larimer Humane Society 

If you are striving for excellence within your volunteer program and nonprofit organization, the Volunteer Program Assessment (VPA) is an invaluable tool to utilize to help you reach this goal.  It allows your volunteers to give you candid and honest feedback about their perceptions about many important components to success.   

For the Cleveland APL, the VPA confirmed what we thought we knew and allowed us to see the areas of continued development for our program.  For me, as the Volunteer Manager, it was a report card that helped to focus our team on important tasks critical to our success.  We shared our results and implemented enhancements and new ideas to help make us even better.  One of our volunteers stated in the comment section, “the volunteer program is good, but has the potential to be outstanding,” and that’s exactly what the VPA will help us to achieve.  Our volunteers feel even more valued, and the best part for us is that our animals will be the beneficiary of our efforts.” - Danielle Begalla, Volunteer Manager, Cleveland Animal Protective League

"This was a great opportunity to participate in a grant supported survey.  Based on feedback, we were able to implement changes that improved relationships between staff and volunteers.  Our volunteer program continues to grow and flourish to benefit the animals we are here to serve."- Linda Cadotte, Animal Allies