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Volunteer Program Assessment

About the Service


The Volunteer Program Assessment (VPA, pronounced vee-pah) is a cutting-edge, innovative, and completely free volunteer assessment system designed to promote nonprofit organizational effectiveness.The VPA is an online survey provided to volunteer coordinators to administer to their volunteers. The information collected from the survey speaks to a variety of individual and organizational outcomes, including satisfaction, commitment, burnout, stress, and organizational communication. We guide volunteer coordinators through the survey process, provide sample emails to send to their volunteers, and help interpret the results of the VPA report.

VPA-UNO representatives spend a number of hours developing the survey, analyzing and interpreting survey results, and delivering reports of those results to the volunteer coordinator. VPA-UNO provides this consultation service free of charge; however, if it were provided at regular market price, nonprofits might pay as much as $10,000 for just the survey alone. In addition to survey development, VPA-UNO offers the benefit of interpreting open-ended survey questions, providing face-to-face consultations about the results of the survey, and providing nonprofits with guidance and recommendations to move forward with the results to improve their volunteer programs.

There are four main steps in the VPA-UNO process. To gain a deeper understanding of the overall process and the time commitment involved, please consult the brief outline provided below:

Step 1: The VPA-UNO process will start with an initial email from your analyst. This initial communication will help you learn more about the VPA-UNO process, and will provide a general timeline for completion of the process.

Step 2: After the initial conversation, you will be asked to fill out an online form with information about your organization. This information will help to familiarize the VPA-UNO analyst with your organization before helping to administer the VPA-UNO survey.

Step 3: Your VPA-UNO analyst will email you the survey link. In addition to the survey link, your consultant will provide you with information on how to both administer the survey and communicate with your volunteers throughout the process. Online survey administration typically lasts for 2 weeks.

Step 4: Your VPA-UNO analyst will use the survey results to generate an executive report. This report will identify areas in which your organization is doing well and areas where improvements can be made. Your VPA-UNO analyst will walk you through the report, discussing best practices and recommendations based on the results. Following the discussion of your report, your analyst will provide you with a summary of the consultation session.

Sample Survey Questions

As a volunteer coordinator that has time constraints, you may be worried about adding another item to your to-do list, not to mention something that you may not know much about. We have included sample items from our survey to the website to give you an idea of the types of questions that will be asked of your volunteers, should you choose to partcipate in the VPA-UNO process. Some sample questions include:

  • My volunteer coordinator is quite competent in doing his/her job.
  • I like the volunteers I work with.
  • I feel that I know what is going on within this organization.
  • I have mastered the skills necessary for my volunteer assignment.
  • I feel that my input is valued by the organization I volunteer at.
  • I feel used up at the end of the volunteer session.
  • I often think of ending my volunteer work at this organization.

The items are rated in terms of how much the volunteer agrees with each statement.