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Volunteer Program Assessment


Our Vision

Developing future leaders through mentoring, scholarship and community engagement.

The mission of the University of Nebraska at Omaha Volunteer Program Assessment (VPA-UNO) is to provide quantitative and qualitative data and feedback to non-profit organizations from the perspective of their volunteers with the goal of improving volunteer and organizational outcomes. VPA-UNO is a UNO-based organization consisting of faculty and students dedicated to helping community agencies, including local, regional, national, and international agencies, to assess the experiences of volunteers in order to ultimately improve volunteer satisfaction, performance and retention, and to enable the agencies to better serve their populations.

Since June of 2013, VPA-UNO faculty and students have donated over 1000 hours of volunteer time to helping 20 nonprofit partners throughout the community. VPA-UNO's contribution to these nonprofit partners has benefited over 15,000 volunteers to date.

VPA-UNO offers free consulting services to nonprofit organizations in an effort to improve volunteer experiences at all the agencies we serve. VPA-UNO offers workshops for nonprofit leaders on such topics as employee-volunteer relations, and our service helps nonprofit leaders develop their overall volunteer management skills. Through our consulting services nonprofit leaders develop skills that contribute to the overall success and welfare of the community. In addition to benefits to the community, VPA-UNO makes a significant difference in the lives of UNO students and faculty.

Through participation in VPA-UNO, students learn about issues facing nonprofit and governmental organizations utilizing volunteers, challenges and opportunities associated with recruiting, developing, and retaining volunteers, and relevant theories of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Management, and other fields. Moreover, participating in VPA-UNO develops student into better leaders, and teaches them valuable communication, research, and consulting skills. UNO faculty benefit from VPA-UNO because they get the opportunity to teach their students in an interactive environment. Furthermore, faculty are able to develop their expertise in a unique field of study, and contribute more publications and presentations to a number of different fields. These research contributions further develop UNO as a high quality research institute, and VPA-UNO’s overall service and research contributions increase the visibility of the university in the community.

VPA-UNO is maintained by faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students in the Psychology Department at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Dr. Joseph Allen & Dr. Lisa Scherer
VPA-UNO Co-Directors

For more information, please contact our VPA Directors, Dr. Joseph Allen ( and Dr. Lisa Scherer (