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Participating in 'unoconnect'.

Faculty and staff that already use 'unoconnect' can access the sign-on page by clicking here.

UNO faculty and staff that have heard of Adobe Connect but do not currently use it can arrange a hands-on demo of the software by contacting the Academic Partnership for Instruction group within UNO IS. To do so, simply call the IS Helpdesk at 554-4357 and they will connect you with the API staff that can assist you.

Those interested in trying Adobe Connect Pro 9.2, the system used by 'unconnect', can download a 'thirty day' free trial of the software here: Connect Trial Download.

Adobe also offers a 'lite' version of the Pro system called 'ConnectNow' that can be used free for online conferences and meetings with up to two participants.

To use ConnectNow you must have an Adobe account. If you do not have one you can create an account by going to the Adobe sign page and chosing the 'Create Your Free Account' link. Then, simply fill in the required information to create your own unique account.

To hold a ConnectNow meeting go to Adobe using this account link. Then locate the the 'Sign-in' label, chose the drop-down menu next to it and select '' to open the ConnectNow log-in page. Use your current Adobe ID to log-in. If you do not have a current Adobe ID you can create one from the log-in page.

If you wish to meet online with more than two people, you will need to pay for an upgrade. Still, the free version is good way to get a feel for how 'Connect' works without the 30-day time-limit imposed by the Free Trial of Adobe Connect Pro. And of course you can use the other online tools provided in the Adobe Acrobat work space.

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At the same time, the 'Pro' version of Connect,used by the 'unoconnect' academic portal, has instructional features not included in ConnectNow: along with the opportunity for faculty and staff to collaborate with up to 100 people. Connect Pro meetings can also be recorded for plaback 24/7, and instructional materials added to online classes or meetings persist for the next meeting unless removed by the instructor or host. ConnectNow meetings do not retain materials from one meeting to the next--nor can they be recorded. For faculty or staff considering extensive online instruction and advising, or holding large web conferences--'unoconnect' offers much more.

In addition to hands-on demos, the IS Academic Partnership for Instruction will be holding one or two 'Brownbags' on the use of 'unoconnect' for instruction, on-line advising, and web conferencing. Dates for these Brownbags have not yet been set, but API will announce the date and time they will be held in 'enotes' and on this site. Please check back.