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What is 'unoconnect'?

News and Updates

The campus Adobe Connect site, 'unoconnect' has been renewed through August 2014. It is accessible via the 'unoconnect' link on the 'myunomaha' page.

Adobe Connect was upgraded to Version 9.2 on Mar. 23rd, 2014. This upate to Connect enables support for the newest version of Adobe Presenter 9.0. It also improves the overall perfromance of Connect. More information on this update can be accessed here.

Tests will be conducted following the upgrade to confirm that current 'unoconnect' classes and materials are all accessible, active, and that the system is functioning as normal.

The process for creating and holding classes online will not change--the upgrade was, as noted, to enable support for the newest version of Adobe Presenter and improve system performance overall. Current versions of Adobe Presenter still work with 'unoconnect' so the choice to upgrade is up to the individual Presenter user: it is not mandatory. Those interested in Adobe Presenter (9.0) should check the 'Presenter' site to view the added features of the software.

Click here to see a presentation about Adobe Connect 9.2.more....

'unoconnect' is the Academic web-portal that provides access to 'Adobe Connect Pro', an on-line class and meeting system. Beginning in July 2008, UNO faculty and staff began delivering on-line classes and advising sessions with currently enrolled students to test the effectiveness of 'Connect' for teaching, learning. The system was also used to host conferences and colloborate with colleagues worldwide.

Test participants were tasked to:

  • give feedback on the effectiveness of Adobe Connect Pro for Teaching/Learning, Student Advisement, and Engagement with peer institutions.
  • provide a 'yeah' or 'nay' recommendation for maintaining and/or further developing 'unoconnect' for class instruction at UNO based on their in-class experience using 'Connect'.

In July 2009, participants recommended extending the use of ' Connect' for delivery of on-line classes, meetings, and student advising at UNO. Since that time use of unoconnect has grown and remains a valuable tool for online instruction, advising, and collaboration.

So what are the benefits?
Each session of 'unoconnect' can deliver real-time online classes or presentations to 100 participants. Engagement with participants can include:

  • full-duplex conversation (that is, two-way audio),
  • music and video performance playback,
  • whiteboard display for diagramming concepts,
  • file interchange/transfer,
  • desktop sharing,
  • application display and sharing,
  • breakout sessions,
  • and polling.

In short, most of the teaching, learning 'tools' used for instruction in on-campus classrooms have an equivalent tool in Adobe Connect. Indeed, any 'application' you can use and display on a computer will work with a 'unoconnect' class. Each class can also be recorded for playback--and viewed online 24/7. Perhaps the most important benefit of using 'unoconnect' is that classes and presentations can be hosted and attended from anywhere there is a computing device and internet connection.

Click here for a Benefits Overview. Or contact the contact the IS Academic Partnership for Instruction at 554-4357. We will be happy to explain 'unoconnect' in greater detail and arrange a 'hands-on' demo.