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Adobe Connect Pro 9.2

On March 23, 2014 all Unoconnect users were automatically upgraded from Adobe Connect 9.0 to version 9.2. As part of the upgrade all current meetings, classes, and associated materials created in Connect 9.0 were ported to Connect Pro 9.2 remaining active and accessible. Those materials remain the property of the original creator and can be downloadable as was the case in 9.0.

The following tutorials, documents, and videos will help individual Connect users learn about Adobe Connect 9.2. In addition to these materials the Academic Partnership for Instruction, UNO Information Services, will hold scheduled Brownbags and Training on Connect 9.2. One-on-One training sessions are also provided by the Academic Partnership for Instruction. If interested in training contact API at:

As additonal 'Help' materials for Connect 9.2 become available this page will be updated to provide access to those resources.

Adobe Connect 9.2

Adobe Connect Pro 9.2 Information Site

Introducing Adobe Connect 9.2

Adobe Connect Support: 24/7 Assistance

Test Meeting Connection

Check Connect Availability

Adobe Connect 8.0 Training Materials

Many features in Connect 9.2 are upgrades of features offered in 'Connect 8.0': so the following links are still relevant as
'How To Guides' as we await the development of resources specific to Adobe Connect 9.2.

Working with Audio in Connect 8.0

Visual Quick Start Guide for Instructors

Visual Quickstart Guide for Students

Learn Adobe Connect 8.0: Video Series (All Videos)

New Features in Adobe Connect 8.0

Meeting Roles and User Interface Overview of Adobe Connect 8.0

Jumpstart for Presenters: New Features in Adobe Connect 8.0

Using, Setting Host and Presenter Controls in Adobe Connect 8.0

Sharing PowerPoint Presentations in Adobe Connect 8.0

Using the Attendees Pod in Adobe Connect 8.0

Using the Q & A and Chat Pods in Adobe Connect 8.0

Recording a Meeting in Adobe Connect 8.0

Creating a New Meeting in Adobe Connect 8.0

Best Practices for Using Connect

Creating a Poll in Adobe Connect 8.0

Sharing digitial Video in an Adobe Connect Meeting

Sharing Screens and Applications

Using Voice Over IP (VOIP) in an Adobe Connect Meeting


Hardware and System Requirement for Adobe Connect

Microphone Overview

Better Conference Audio Recording with the Shure X2u XLR to USB Signal Adapter

What about Bandwidth?

Computer Operating System Requirements?


Adobe Presenter 8.0

Adobe Presenter 8.0 Overview