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unoconnect: online classes made easy

Meet with ease

Live online classes, conferences, and presentations can be hosted anytime, anywhere using any computer. Just log onto unoconnect and open your class link to begin meeting with up to 100 participants. No software is needed by participants, only a computing device with web access for linking to your meeting.

Reduce Travel Costs

Meet with students and colleagues anywhere without the cost in money or time of being in the same place. Or invite colleagues and students to share their experience or expertise with your class from their location.

Participate Interactively

Interact with class participants utilizing integrated chats, a shared whiteboard and shared notes. Gather information using the Polling feature in Adobe Connect. And enable video-confericing via the built-in Video Pod.

Increase Productivity

Share PowerPoint Presentations, images, audio, video, and more within the 'unoconnect' meeting space. Get immediate feedback using Chat and Voice-over-IP (VOIP).

Share, Create, and Exchange Files

Share project files with meeting participants worldwide for improved collaboration. Create white boards and upload Adobe Acrobat documents for display within the 'unoconnect' online meeting environment. Upload and exchange word documents, excel files, and virtually any file that participants in your meeting can open.

Share You Screen

Share your screen at three levels: window, application program, or entire desktop. Control participant's desktop or allow them access to your computer. Synchronize the veiw of all participants, expanding the view for document, whiteboard, and file display.

Customize Your Class Meeting Room

Create a custom Web Address, URL, for your meeting room to make remembering the access link easy. Customize your Adobe Connect meeting space, displaying and arranging the pods as desired. Video, Chat, Sharing, Polling, and all other Pods in Adobe Connect can be arranged and opened or dismissed to optimize the meeting space.

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