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2013-2014 UCAT Travel Grant Conference Reports

Listed below are recent travel grant recipients, the conference attended, and the UCAT themes addressed at that conference. An abstract of what the conference attendee learned at the conference can be accessed by clicking on the recipient's name. In some cases this abstract contains a link to instructional development materials or a lengthier report which the recipient is providing to interested parties. Please explore!

Conference Themes Addressed: Curriculum Development & Assessment (CDA), Diversity (D), Instructional Technology Digital Age (IT), Interdisciplinary Integration (II), Promoting Critical Thinking Pedagogy (CT), Student Mentoring, Advising & Research (MAR)

Faculty-Department Conference Title Conference Themes
Juan Casas
Society for Research on Adolescence CDA, D, MAR
Julie Delkamiller
The Power of Education Research for Innovation in Practice and Policy CDA,D, MAR
Christine Cutucache
American Society of Microbiology Conference for Undergraduate Educators IT, II, CDA, CT, MAR
Andy Zhong
Teaching Guided-Inquiry Organic Chemistry Laboratories CDA, CT
Jenna Yentes
American Thoracic Society 2014 Annual Meeting IT, D, MAR
Jodeane Brownlee
Broadcast Education Association 2014 CDA, MAR, D

Matthew Harden

Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities II, CT, MAR