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2011-2012 UCAT Travel Grant Conference Reports

Listed below are recent travel grant recipients, the conference attended, and the UCAT themes addressed at that conference. An abstract of what the conference attendee learned at the conference can be accessed by clicking on the recipient's name. In some cases this abstract contains a link to instructional development materials or a lengthier report which the recipient is providing to interested parties. Please explore!

Conference Themes Addressed: Curriculum Development & Assessment (CDA), Diversity (D), Instructional Technology Digital Age (IT), Interdisciplinary Integration (II), Promoting Critical Thinking Pedagogy (CT), Student Mentoring, Advising & Research (MAR)

Faculty-Department Conference Title Conference Themes
Melanie Bloom
Foreign Languages
Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages CDA, CT
Juan Casas
Society for Research on Adolescence CDA, MAR
Gwyneth Cliver
Foreign Languages and Literature
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages  
Claudia García
Foreign Languages
39th Annual NMABE State Bilingual Education Conference/ 3rd Annual AMME Conference “Our United Community Growing Together” CDA, D, MAR
Jason Keith Johnson
The Midwest Clinic: An International Band and Orchestra Conference CDA, IT, CT
Pete Madsen
The Midwest Clinic: An International Band & Orchestra Conference CDA, D, IT, II
Anita Saalfeld
Foreign Languages and Literature
American Association for Applied Linguistics CDA, D, IT, CT
Jeanne L. Surface
Educational Administration and Supervision
The National Council of Professors of Educational Administration Summer Conference CDA, D, CT
Abbie M. Syrek
National Communication Association Conference CDA, CT, MAR
Miles Waggener
Writer's Workshop
Communication Workshop Series CDA, II, MAR