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UCAT Policies and Procedures

I. Charge to UCAT

The University Committee for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT) shall be responsible for fostering instructional development at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. As part of this charge, UCAT shall recommend the allocation of monies to full-time UNO faculty members and faculty participating in the Special Faculty Development program for the improvement of instructional capabilities in accordance with criteria established by UCAT. Such grants shall include, but shall not be limited to, worthy projects in instructional methods, instructional research, pedagogical applications of new technologies, development of instructional materials, and professional development.

UCAT shall advise the Sr. Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs and shall report on its activities to the Chancellor. UCAT shall send copies of meeting minutes to the Assistant to the Chancellor and to the Faculty Senate Committee on Professional Development. An annual report shall be submitted by the chairperson to the Assistant to the Chancellor, Sr. Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs and the Faculty Senate office by June 30.

II. Committee Membership

UCAT shall consist of 10 members: eight faculty, one student, and one ex-officio members.

The eight faculty members are selected by the Faculty Senate as follows:

  • 2 faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences
  •   (members will rotate among the three divisions)
  • 1 faculty from the College of Business Administration
  • 1 faculty from the College of Education
  • 1 faculty from the College of Communication, Fine Arts & Media
  • 1 faculty from the College of Public Affairs and Community Service
  • 1 faculty from the College of Information Science and Technology
  • 1 faculty from the University Library

The student member is selected by the Student Senate.

Ex-officio: The Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs serves as ex-officio members, without vote.

Faculty members serve three-year, rotating terms. The student member serves a one-year term, renewable for one year. Appointments become effective on August 1. Terms of replacements, if needed, coincide with those of the original appointees.

III. Duties of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  1. To advise UCAT regarding the University’s policies and procedures, and
  2. To administer and monitor UCAT’s budget.

IV. Duties of the UCAT Chairperson

The Chairperson is selected in the spring by a vote of UCAT for a term of one year effective July 1. The Chairperson may be re-elected for one additional term.

In addition to scheduling and presiding at meetings, the Chairperson’s duties are:

  1. To provide information to prospective applicants,
  2. To notify recipients regarding acceptance or rejection of awards, and other decisions made by UCAT,
  3. To distribute all supplemental materials regarding UCAT’s decisions to its members,
  4. To oversee the formation of UCAT’s internal operating procedures (e.g., procedures regarding applications by Committee members, voting, appearance of applicants before UCAT, etc.),
  5. To compile an annual report on UCAT's activities for the Sr. Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs to be copied to the Assistant to the Chancelor and the Faculty Senante office by June 30th.

V. Duties of UCAT Committee Members
  1. To attend regularly scheduled meetings and sponsored activities. Regular attendance is particularly important since UCAT makes decisions based on majority vote. NOTE: Members who cannot attend regularly because of other commitments should consider resigning in order that an active replacement can be appointed,
  2. To review, evaluate, and vote on the quality of submitted proposals following the guidelines established in UCAT’s Policy and Procedures,
  3. To attend Committee sponsored activities,
  4. To keep all Committee deliberations in confidence, and
  5. To promote the goals and objectives of UCAT to their colleagues.