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UCAT is responsible for fostering instructional development. The committee recommends allocation of monies to full-time UNO faculty for improvement of instructional capabilities. Such grants include, but are not limited to, worthy projects in instructional methods, instructional research, pedagogical applications of new technologies, development of instructional materials, and professional development in accordance with criteria established by the committee. The committee advises the vice chancellor for Academic Affairs and reports on its activities to the chancellor.

The University Committee for the Advancement of Teaching is pleased to announce calls for the following Grant offerings. All grant applications should address one or more 2014-2015 UCAT Themes:

  • Curriculum Development and Assessment
  • Diversity
  • Instructional Technology
  • Interdisciplinary Integration
  • Promoting Critical Thinking Pedagogy
  • Student Mentoring, Advising and Research

Grant applications are due to the UCAT representative by the first Friday of the month. Your grant application must be reviewed and signed by your college representative before submitting to the UCAT committee.

Travel Grant applications for 2014-2015 are available HERE.

Curriculum Development grant applications for 2014-2015 are available HERE.

Materials Grant applications for 2014-2015 are available HERE.

Speaker Grant Applications for 2014-2015 are available HERE.

Designated Conference Grant Application for 2014-2015 are available HERE.