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2008-2009 UCAT Travel Grant Conference Reports

Listed below are recent travel grant recipients, the conference attended, and the UCAT themes addressed at that conference. An abstract of what the conference attendee learned at the conference can be accessed by clicking on the recipient's name. In some cases this abstract contains a link to instructional development materials or a lengthier report which the recipient is providing to interested parties. Please explore!

Conference Themes Addressed: Curriculum Development and Assessment (CD); Diversity (D); Instructional Technology and e-Portfolios (IT); Interdisciplinary Integration (II); Critical Thinking (CT); Undergraduate and Graduate Mentoring, Advising and Research (UGM)

Faculty-Department Conference Title Conference Themes
Patrice J. Proulx
Foreign Languages & Literatures
“Québec et les autres: 400 Years of Interactions” (American Council for Québec Studies Conference) CD, CT
Tatyana Novikov
Foreign Lanuages and Literature
American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Lanuages Conference D, II,
Peter Smith
Educational Adminstration and Supervison
ASCD Professional Development Opportunites CD, D, AE, II, CT, GI
Juliette Parnell
Department of Foreign Lanuages and Literatures
Navigating the World of Business Through Lanuage and Culture CD, CT
Patricia Carlson
Social Work
Social Policy and Practice: Linking Theory, Methods, and Skills, October 30-Novemeber 2, 2008 CD, D, IT, II, CT, UGM
Lynnette Leonard
School of Communication
National Communication Association Conference, November 21-24, 2008 IT, CT
Karen Hayes
Educational Administration and Supervision
National Staff Development Council's 40th Annual National Conference,
December 6-10, 2008
Pete Madsen
The Midwest Clinic: An International Band and Orchestra Conference,
December 17-20, 2008
J. Mark Leonard
Economics and Real Estate
Allied Social Science Assoication 2009 Annual Meeting, January 2-5, 2009 II, D, CT
Lyn Holley
Annual Meeting : Association for Gerontology in Higher Education, February 26 - March 1, 2009 CD, II, IT
Julie Delkamiller
Special Education and Communication Disorders
Association of College Educators for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, March 3-8, 2009 CD, D, IT, II, CT, UGM
Juan Casas
Society for Research in Child Development (w/ Developmental Science Teaching Institute & Millennium Scholars Program), March 3-April 4, 2009 IT, CD, CT, UGM
Matthew C. Harden
Nation Convention of the American Choral Director’s Association, March 4-7, 2009 CD, D, IT
Jeanne Surface
Educational Adminstration and Supervison
Understanding by Design from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), March 11-13, 2009 CT, CD
Melanie Bloom
Foreign Languages & Literatures
Central States Conference - Teaching Foreign Lanuages, March 19-20, 2009 CD, AE
Anita Saalfeld
Foreign Languages
American Association for Applied Linguistics 2009, March 21-24, 2009 D, CD, AE
Carol Mitchell
Teacher Education
2009 Oxford Round Table, March 22-27, 2009 D
Brigette Ryalls
2009 SRCD Development Science Teaching Institute & Biennial Research Meeting, April 1-4, 2009 CD, IT, CT, UGM
Adam W. Tyma
School of Communication
Central States Communication Association Annual Convention, April 1-5, 2009 CD, II, CT
D. Scott Glasser
Arts, Music & Theatre Festival/Conference, April 21-25, 2009 D, II, PCT
Ana Cruz
School of Communication
2009 National CASTL Institute: Developing Scholars of Teaching & Learning, June 3-9 Research, IT, CD, CT
M. Susan McWilliams
School of Communication
2009 National CASTL Institute: Developing Scholars of Teaching & Learning, June 3-9 Research, IT, CD, CT
Jeremy Baguyos
International Society of Bassists Convention, June 8-13, 2009 PCT, CD, UGM
Josie Metal Corbin
The National Dance Education Organization Conference, June 24-28, 2009 CA, II, CT, D
Carolyn Gascoigne
Foreign Languages
AATF American Association of Teachers of French Annual Convention, July 3-5, 2009 CD, IT, UGM
Christine Beard
National Flute Association Convention, August 13-16, 2009 CA, IT & EP, II, D, UGM
Cole Burger
National Flute Association Convention, August 13-16, 2009 CA, IT & EP, II, D, UGM
Marvel Maring
Criss Library
International Federation of Library Associations & Institutes (IFLA), August 23-27, 2009 D, II, IT