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  Benefits Of Alternative transportation:

1) Save $$$!!!  Did you know that the average commuter spends over $7500/year on commuting expenses?  This includes the cost of gas, the wear and tear on your vehicle, maintenance on your vehicle, and insurance

2) Help the environment. Automobiles are the leading source of pollution in the Omaha area. You may only commute 3-5 miles to campus, but did you know that automobiles emit the most pollution in the first 20 minutes they are running?

3) Save time. If you ride your bike, you can by-pass traffic lights. If you do join a carpool, vanpool, take the train, ride a bus, etc., you can take a break from driving and use your time in better ways like sleeping, reading, doing work, etc.

4) Less stress. Studies have shown that the longer your regular commute is the greater amount of stress you feel. Stress often leads to feeling fatigued, headaches, and irritable moods which can then affect your work performance. If you do have a long commute then you should consider other options such as carpooling or vanpooling. That way you have someone to interact with and you will be able to let them worry about what other drivers are doing.

5) Better health. Long-term commuting has been known to lead to health problems like high blood pressure, back problems, weight gain or loss, and even chest pain. Commuters who use alternate transportation tend to live much happier and healthier lives than those who drive single occupancy vehicles