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This is Dr. Tisko's homepage.  I am an assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  Below are links to the homepages of my courses.  

Tisko Course Pages

CHEM 1140 Fundamentals of Chemistry

CHEM 1180 General Chemistry I

CHEM 1190 General Chemistry II

CHEM 2210 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry

CHEM 3350 Physical Chemistry I

CHEM 3354 Physical Chemistry I Laboratory

CHEM 3360 Physical Chemistry II

CHEM 4310 Polymer Chemistry


Flash Animations

Personal Information

I graduated in July 1998 with my doctoral degree in Chemical Physics from Michigan State University.  My doctoral advisor was Dr. Katharine L. C. Hunt.  Here is a link to my personal homepage.  

As a teacher, I am actively trying to incorporate computational chemistry into the physical chemistry curriculum.  Pictures are worth a thousand words, thus I am trying to find way of visualizing chemistry concepts.  I am seeking students with a minimal chemistry background (Chem 1190) who would like to create animations of chemical concepts using Flash.  I also enjoy doing chemical demonstrations for my classes.  I also am actively involved in UNO's First-Year Experience (FYE) program that helps to aid freshman students in their transition for high school to college.  I am also a consultant for The College Board in Advanced Placement Chemistry

As a researcher, my interests are centered on analyzing electron densities from ab initio calculations to examine the intramolecular response to structural changes.  My research applies the Atoms-In-Molecules theory to examine features of the electron density throughout molecules.  Below are examples of previous projects my research students have undertaken.

The programs being used are Gaussian, AIMPAC and Morphy.  I am looking for students who have had Organic Chemistry, Physics and Calculus II who would find such work interesting.

On the back burner at the moment is research that examines intramolecular and intermolecular electromagnetic response using nonlocal polarizability densities.  In the future, I wish to devote more attention to intramolecular magnetic response.


Email:  etisko@unomaha.edu


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