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Thompson Learning Community
Thompson Learning Community

Meet a Scholar


Jataya Johnson

Hobbies: Sleeping, but I enjoy music as well.

Favorite UNO Class: I like them all!

Future Career Plans: I want to become Certified Public Accountant

What does TLC mean to you in one word? Helpful

William Humburg

Hobbies: Reading, writing, and listening to music.

Favorite UNO Class: My philosophy class because it has a substantial impact on my thought processes.

Future Career Plans: Something nonmaterial, but satisfying.

What does TLC mean to you in one word? Relief


Ebonie Epinger

Hobbies: Facebook and listening to music.

Favorite UNO Class: Critical Reasoning because just in the first week I have learned a lot and it is a fun and interesting subject.

Future career plans: I would love to work for a company that help people make their business better.

What does TLC mean to you? TLC means an opportunity for me to grow and further my education, to make something out of my life.


Alejandro Barahona

Hobbies: Jet skiing, fun activities, and football.

Favorite UNO Class: College Algebra because I like numbers.

Future career plans: Make money while having fun.

What does TLC mean to you in one word? Treats, free money, fun and the sweetest and nicest people I’ve ever met.


Michelle Perez

Hobbies: Shopping, hanging out with friends, and dancing.

Favorite UNO Class: Zumba, because I love to dance and it’s also a great workout.

Future Career Plans: Being a chiropractor is a possibility.

What does TLC mean to you? TLC means a lot to me; it's like my second home. There is always someone that can help if I have any problems and they will do their best to fix it or at least help out.


Nadia Jefferson

Hobbies: Writing, editing videos and traveling

Favorite UNO Class: I loved autobiographical reading and writing with Professor Monardo because the goal in that class was to get words on the page and paint a picture with them.  I like to write so I liked the basic objectives of that class.

Future Career Plans: To start a real estate agency and sell mansions and beach houses.

What does TLC mean to you? I think of TLC like a family. Everyone knows each other even if they have never met, they can rely on others for help when they need help.


Justin Williams

Hobbies: Hang out with my family and play out in the yard.

Favorite UNO Class: I love Fundamentals of Chemistry because it’s fun and easy to understand.

Future Career Plans: Become a physician to help the under-privileged.

What does TLC mean to you? It is a safe, honest place where I can meet others who have a common goal.  I can get to know the faculty and see that they are not that scary.  It is also a place to get some much needed advice.


Eduardo Corona

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends and working. I work at Menard's in the Hardware Department. It's laid back and fun.

Favorite UNO Class: I enjoy English 1200 with Mr. Todd "Cornelius" Robinson because he's always hyped up and seems like he loves what he does. It makes the class more enjoyable and I look forward to it.

Future Career Plans: I would like to work and make enough money to move to Spain to see the architecture. Or I will stay here and help my community or go to Mexico.

What does TLC mean to you? TLC is an opportunity to do something big. I know a lot of the people in TLC and know that we are all in good hands for success with TLC. I am glad to be part of TLC and will take advantage of it.


Yesenia Madera

Hobbies: Dancing and chillin' in the TLC office.

Favorite UNO Class: Art Appreciation. It's my last class of my "long" days and my mind just gets to relax and be free to interpret the information.

Future Career Plans: Start my own event planning company.

What does TLC mean to you? TLC is a community especially made to be your friend. It guides you through the hurdles of college and is always there to remind you of how special you are.


Oscar Castillo

Hobbies: Drumming, studying, and eating.

Favorite UNO Class: Sociology because it makes you think about society in a whole new way.

Future Career Plans: UNMC and get my MSN in Nursing or major in Mathematics..

What does TLC mean to you? Friendly and supportive staff that will always be there for you.


Mariena Busey

Hobbies: Reading, cooking, and gardening.

Favorite UNO Class: My favorite class is Sociology because social sciences are so interesting that it doesn't even seem like work.

Future Career Plans: I'm working toward becoming a therapist.

What does TLC mean to you? TLC is the bridge between high school and my new college life.


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