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Thompson Learning Community
Thompson Learning Community

TLC Faculty

Faculty for the UNO Thompson Learning Community (TLC) are drawn from UNO departments. Participating departments are compensated for the faculty member's time, and the participating faculty members are awarded stipends for each section taught, as well as supplementary funds for course development and enhancement, and for professional development and travel. The course offerings in TLC are intended to satisfy general education requirements for most UNO students. In addition to providing an educational experience of high quality, TLC courses are intended to help connect the Thompson Scholars with each other, with the faculty, and with the University. TLC aims to recruit distinguished teachers who are dedicated to the retention and success of undergraduate students and who are willing to join TLC colleagues in planning and coordinating the LC curriculum as well as planning and participating in out-of-class activities. Participating professors will be known as Thompson Learning Community Professors. Candidates for these positions will be nominated by their departments. For additional information, contact Jerry Cederblom.

Interested in Teaching for TLC?

Faculty and course offerings are selected based on:
–Satisfaction of general education requirements
–Potential student demand for the course
–Diversity of faculty and of course offerings
Note: If we don’t choose you, that doesn’t mean we consider you unworthy.

If you would like to teach for TLC, plase...
–Invite Jerry Cederblom to a department meeting to explain how TLC works
–Talk with your department chair and e-mail Jerry Cederblom ( about a potential course offering