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Thompson Learning Community
Thompson Learning Community

Tips for Success


1. Attend class—once you are there, make sure you stay awake, pay attention, and take notes!
2. Sit in front—actively participate by engaging in discussions and asking questions
3. Attend office hours—getting to know your faculty members can help you in class and in your future
4. Study on a schedule—set aside 2 hours of studying for each hour spent in the classroom
5. Choose courses wisely—pick classes that are interesting and motivating, not just those that are easy
6. Exercise—getting 20 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 times a week will increase alertness and energy
7. Get involved in campus life—join some sort of campus organization to get involved and have fun
8. Eat healthy—a balanced and nutritious diet will help you focus and stay healthy
9. Drink moderately or not at all—drinking has several negative academic and health consequences
10. Have fun—set aside time for family and friends to reduce stress and enjoy college will be over before you know it.

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1. TLC Study Lounge—the TLC Study Lounge is exclusively for Thompson Scholars and is equipped with computers and comfy couches making it the perfect place for studying!
2. Library—offers a silent 3rd floor, group study rooms, a café and many resources for studying.
3. Milo Bail Student Center—grab lunch and hang out at one of the many study spots located in the student center.
4. UNO Pep Bowl—the large grassy area across from the Eppley Building is the perfect place to relax and read a book on a nice day.
5. Caffeine Dreams—located on 46th & Farnam, this local coffee shop caters to UNO students with affordably priced snacks, late hours, and study nooks.
6. CPACS—this brand new building offers several study areas with top of the line technology.
7. Residence Halls—whether it be in your residence hall room or a study area, residence halls offer a quiet study space.
8. Starbucks—located on 72nd & Pacific, this famous coffee shops provides amazing coffee and Wi-Fi.
9. UNO Computer Labs—8 computer labs across campus provide students with 24/7 access to technology.



1. Eat healthy—make time for yourself to enjoy a healthy breakfast and lunch from one of the many places on campus.
2. Get plenty of sleep—the average college student should get 8 hours of sleep in order to be alert and awake in class.
3. Get a check-up—UNO Student Health Services offers free medical visits, over-the-counter medication, and STD testing.
4. Stay relaxed—college can be stressful! It is important to find calming activities in order to stay mentally healthy.
5. Take the stairs—opt for the stairs instead of the elevator to get a bit more exercise each day.
6. Sign up for a free clinic—HPER offers free clinics in a variety of activities including yoga, weight lifting, and golf.
7. Work out at HPER—take advantage of the weight rooms, athletic courts, tracks, and swimming pools at HPER.
8. Intramural sports—this is a great way to make friends, get exercise, and have fun all at the same time!
9. Ride your bike/walk to campus—this will eliminate the parking hassle each morning and provide you with a good source of exercise.
10. Park farther away—if walking to school is too far, try parking a little farther away from campus so you can get exercise at the beginning and end of your school day.