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Jiaxin Liu

Projects from YouTube UNO Journalism Site

Project 4

UNO Harlem Shake
Jiaxin Liu

          Last week, University of Nebraska at Omaha students made the UNO version of Harlem Shake at the HPER building.

A new Internet meme called the Harlem Shake has gone viral since five teenagers uploaded their own Harlem Shake video on YouTube in early February. Different versions of the Harlem Shake video are uploaded one after another.

An UNO student Claire O’Connell had watched almost all the Harlem Shake videos. She said she liked the funny videos and even danced the Harlem Shake in her dorm room.  The UNO meme organizer, Joshua William, said besides for fun, the main reason for making UNO Harlem Shake was to show UNO spirit.

The Harlem Shake was a dance from Harlem, New York. The new meme Harlem Shake has nothing to do with the original one.



Project 5

Career Choice
Jiaxin Liu

          With college graduation nearly upon us, two questions are running through the minds of nearly every graduate: Should I get a job or go to graduate school?

An UNO junior student Joe Newlon has already preparing for the job hunt after graduation. He said he wanted to get a job to fill the space and get more experience.

Giovanni Cosolino is an UNO senior student studying at UNO. He has applied for the graduate program of School of Communication. He said a master’s degree could help him get a better job.

UNO Internship Coordinator Huge Reilly suggested that it would be better for students to get some internships before making decision.



Project 6

Jiaxin Liu

          Last week, hundreds of UNO students got together, bought themselves some powdered and color dyes to celebrate the traditional Indian festival, Holi, with color and music.

Holi is an ancient Indian festival, which stands for tolerance, camaraderie and equality. During the festival of Holi, people throw color on their friends, which make everyone look colorful.

UNO student Judy Obodougo said this was her first time to come to this event to celebrate Indian Spring festival. She felt so surprised to see everyone was covered by so many colors, and she said she would be prepared next year she comes.

Another UNO student Shelby Andersen-Holt said she learned a lot about the culture and made lots of friends in this event.

The UNO festival of Holi was held by UNO Indian Student Association.