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Megan Lackman

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Megan Lackman
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Bar Success


            Jason Himberger is a successful bar and restaurant owner in West Omaha, as well as downtown. He started with a simple idea, and with his dedication and quick thinking, he is able to cruise through the economic downfall of our economy. He explains that working together as a team, and not focusing on weaknesses, but strengths, is one of his philosophies.
Jason started Lit Lounge and Tapas Bar expecting it to be more like a laid back lounge to get a quick appetizer, but quickly realized he was better at the bar scene then initially planned. He then opened Capitol Lounge and Supper Club in downtown Omaha, and had the same outcome. He wants to work harder on the restaurant side, but can now see he is meant for the bar business.
For more information about either of Jason’s businesses, visit , or

Megan Lackman
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Package #2


            The Latino Community is growing each year, but you hardly hear anything about their involvement in the political elections or campaigns. Dr. Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado has been at UNO for 12 years and is highly involved in the Latino Community. He said the Heartland Workers Center uses mostly volunteers to get the community information about political campaigns.

They have workshops to teach citizens about the candidates, and how to go about voting. They will also teach the community what to do on voting day and what you should know going into it. The Heartland Workers Center is also reaching out to high schools to urge upcoming graduates to register to vote as well as any citizen who is not yet registered.

For more information about the involvement of the Latino Community in the upcoming elections, visit

Car Accident



Car Accident on 44th and Center

            Douglas County 9-1-1 responded to a two car accident last Sunday morning at  44th and Center.  Police found Nathan Post, a 22 year old, driving a Pontiac which crashed into a Dodge Caravan carrying a 44 year old mother, Melissa Meyer with her 11 year old daughter Mariah Meyer.

Post had been in a hit and run earlier that morning and got pulled over for it along with reckless driving. The accident is still under investigation at this time while all victims are currently being treated at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Seat Belt Laws

National Safety Council

With all the accidents that happen you would think passengers would be wearing seat belts and children in the correct car seats.  However, 70% of child are in the incorrect car seat for their size or it is not installed properly. The National Safety Council has plenty of classes and reading materials to inform you on the laws for seat belts and car seat inspection sites.

Tim Tichy is the Community Leader for the child passenger laws. He said you can make appointments during the week days for a car seat inspection or go to any of their five stations listed on their website. Also, if you have any questions on laws for seat belts or car seats you can call their information line and have those answered.

Megan Lackman

Road Security


Road Security

            There are many places to park on the campus of UNO.  However, if you do not want to pay for parking, there’s a couple areas around campus that are free. But there’s always a catch -- the one way street on the east side of campus has had multiple break ins and car vandalisms. The UNO campus security does not patrol that area, so if something happens to your car, the Omaha Police Department will take a report.

The Omaha Police Department was unable to comment on the multiple crimes happening lately, so unfortunately, we are unaware if any extra patrol cars or security measures are being taken to secure the area better. The UNO campus security is still willing to take reports if you have had something happen to your vehicle.

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