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Adam Kallhoff

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Adam Kallhoff
Men’s Basketball done at Sapp Fieldhouse
OMAHA, NEB- The Sapp Fieldhouse has been host to the UNO Mavericks Men’s basketball games since 1949.  After Wednesday night the men’s team will call a new place home.

Sunday was senior day for the UNO Men’s basketball team.  Senior John Ring and Mitch Albers were recognized before the game.  Their last home game as Mavericks will also be the last home game the UNO Mavericks will play at the UNO Sapp Fieldhouse.

Next year they will start to play their games at the Ralston Sports and Event Center.  Former player and all time scoring leader Dean Thompson thinks moving to the new location will help out UNO’s basketball team in the future with recruits.

“A new facility is always nice.  Something to get excited about.  I think the midtown location might help with some of the draw.”

Thompson would like to see the Mavericks play at the Sapp Fieldhouse.  He thinks it would keep the UNO students involved with the program.

“You know it would be nice to have it on campus, because you got students here.  I think that is a big part of where the program needs to go.  Get the kids involved.”

He thinks that the team will find success at a new venue, just like the baseball team.

“You know with the success the baseball team has had, moving out into midtown, Papillion area.  I think that’s a good model, potentially.”

As for the last game at Sapp Fieldhouse, Senior guard Mitch Albers thinks they’ll win that one.

“We got a quick turnaround.  We got Kearney on Wednesday.  You know, we’ll be ready.”

And they better be ready because some of the past alumni that used to play for the Mavericks will be there.


Last game played at Sapp Fieldhouse

OMAHA, NEB-  The Sapp Fieldhouse 63 year run as the home to the Men’s basketball team came to an end this last week.  Many alumni were there to see the last game.


As UNO tipped off last Wednesday, they  were putting an end to an era.  It was the last Men’s basketball game ever to be played at the Sapp Fieldhouse.  UNO’s Athletic Director Trev Alberts talks about the importance of the Sapp Fieldhouse.


“Well I think it’s been the defining, the Sapp Fieldhouse has been the defining athletic piece for UNO.  Most every athletic event except for football, baseball and softball happened inside the Sapp Fieldhouse.”


And some of the former Men’s basketball players were at the last game.  They were recognized as a whole at halftime.  As for Senior and current player Mitch Albers, a win for the last game being played was important.


“You know get this one.  You know for all the alumni that was back for this last game and you know for me I had a ton of family in the house.  I’m sure some of these Omaha guys did too.  It meant a lot.”


All time leading scorer Dean Thompson was individually recognized.  Also the all time winningest coach for the Mavericks, Bob Hansen was recognized.  As for the future of the Sapp Fieldhouse, Trev Alberts says it will remain a big part in UNO athletics.


“The Sapp Fieldhouse will continue as an integral piece to our athletic department.

Celebrating a birthday on Leap Day

OMAHA, NEB-  Everyone celebrates their birthday on the date that they were born.  But what happens when your birthday only comes around every 4 years?

February comes around every year, but this February will be a little bit different then the last 3 years.  It will have 29 days instead of 28.  Making it a special day for people born on Leap Year, like Omahan Tim Vasquez

“So Leap Year, everybody knows about Leap Year.  I won’t hear from people for 4 years and tons of people will call me on Leap Day because it comes around on the calendar.  So in that aspect, it’s kind of my special day, it comes around every 4 years.”

But being born on a Leap Day gives Tim a different take on birthdays than others have.

“Certainly what it taught me is that the birthday was never as big a deal as birthdays are too most people probably growing up because I just never had one.”

As for when he celebrates his birthday on non Leap Years, he keeps to his February roots.

“I guess we acknowledge the birthday every year, and usually we do it in February because I have a February birthday and it seems like March 1st wasn’t appropriate.”

And Time has a little fun when you ask him how old he will be this Leap Day.

“I will be ten years old this year, I’m breaking into double digits.”

And Tim better make sure he has some fun this year on his birthday because just like Leap Year his birthday only comes around once every 4 years. 

Creighton finds out who they play
OMAHA, NEB-  The Creighton Men’s Basketball Team has qualified to play in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

The Creighton Men’s Basketball Team stood and cheered as their name was called to show who they would be playing in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Those cheers of joy though turned to disappointment when they saw they were an 8th seed.  Coach McDermott and some players told me how they felt about being the 8th seed.

“I thought we’d be better, you know honestly I think we’ve earned better.  We’ve won 28 games, we’ve won 14 games away from home and were the conference tournament champions,” Creighton coach Greg McDermott said.

“It’s a little disappointing, I was banking on at least a 6th or 5 seed, and I thought we did enough for that.  It doesn’t matter, it is what it is and were just going to go out and have a good time,” said Antoine Young.

“I’m just blessed to be in the tournament, or whatever.  To be 8th instead of 6th, I think were a little better deserving, but we’ll take it.  We’re in the tournament,” said Josh Jones.
“I was a little shocked, I thought we deserved a little better, but I mean it’s the way it is.  I think we can play with anybody, so I don’t think the seeding really matters too much,” said Doug McDermott.

If they win, Doug McDermott will have a chance to play his old high school teammate Harrison Barnes of the University of North Carolina.

“It’s going to be a good chance to see him again.  I mean I haven’t seen him in a while, so I talk to him quite a bit.  It will be fun to be able to watch him play, and hopefully match up with him.”
And senior guard Antoine Young thinks whoever they’re matched up with, they can beat.

“I think we can go as far as we want.  I think that if we put it together we’re capable of anything.  I don’t think there’s a team on there that we can’t beat.  Like I said, we’re going to go out there and put the chips where they are and see what happens.”

And with any luck, the Creighton Bluejays will add one more trophy next to their Missouri Valley Tournament Trophy that will read NCAA Tournament Champs.

DUI Laws
OMAHA, NEB-  Nebraska is starting to crack down on people that decide to drink and drive.  They are allowing people the opportunity to have the ability to drive their car even if they get a DUI.

With many different types of alcohol out there, Nebraska decided to crack down on DUI offenders.  Starting on January 1st, 2012 the new DUI laws went into effect.  One of the main laws was allowing people charged with a DUI to bypass an administrative license revocation hearing and instead applying for an ignition interlock permit allowing them to drive for employment, education, treatment, parole, probation, health care and community service purposes.  Omaha resident Adam Pospisil just recently had an interlock system taken out of his car.

“Interlock really made things safe for me, in the fact that I knew I couldn’t drink.  I wouldn’t have that temptation, in order too, once I got off work or go with friends and have a drink at a bar and then attempt to drive, curbed that too make sure there was no way in possible that I could drink and drive.”

But having that interlock system and getting a DUI have helped Adam make better decisions in his life.

“Getting a DUI has extremely changed my drinking habits.  I don’t drink anymore.  I’ve come to the realization that you know, it’s very bad you know when you do drink and drive.  Things can go wrong and will go wrong.  I’ve had a lot of consequences that I’ve had to go through and I basically lost almost everything I’ve worked hard for in my life.”

So the next time you’re out with your friends, think about ordering a ride home fist, before that next drink.


OMAHA, NEB- The UNO College Democrats hosted its “Tribute to the Fallen” this week.  For every soldier killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since the war started.  This is the 7th year in a row they have done this.  UNO Alum Craig Benson was a fellow American walking on campus, and was reminded what it actually takes to be free.

“Well kind of makes you feel angry at the time.   First time I’ve ever seen it.   Both proud and a little sad to be an American.  It just kind of reminds you what it takes to keep our Freedom that we get to enjoy here.  It’s easy to forget sometimes.” said Benson.

Along with a flag for every American killed, they will also put a photo along with a flag for everyone that has ties back to Nebraska.  Craig talks about how he has ties to someone killed from Nebraska.

“My brother did serve in Iraq, and one person from my parents hometown, town of about 1,000, Pender, passed away.  He was in his unit.  He got hit by a roadside bomb, and it killed him.”

The total number of flags that were distributed out totaled 6,385.