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Nicholas Freeman

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Kayak Polo
by Nick Freeman

OMAHA- Recently Cunningham Lake was the location of a unique national championship.  The sport was kayak polo.  Omaha Kayak Polo was the host of the 2011 US Kayak Polo National Tournament, which took place September 9th through the 11th.

Kayak polo has been played overseas for over 50 years.  It has been gaining popularity in the U.S. and most major cities have their own clubs.  Kayak polo is a growing sport, especially in Nebraska where there are three separate clubs.  Nebraska Kayak Polo is the largest club in the United States.

Web Story

Nebraska Reptile Breeders Expo
By: Nick Freeman

OMAHA- On Sunday the Omaha Executive Inn and Suites was the home of the Nebraska Reptile Breeders Expo.  The expo was hosted by the Nebraska Herpetological Society.
The Nebraska Reptile Breeders Expo has been an NHS tradition for 15 years.  The expo featured vendors that sold quality captive-born stock directly to the public.  The vendors showcased snakes, lizards, turtles, supplies, books, and more.  The expo has been Nebraska’s largest captive-born only reptile show since 1993.

The Nebraska Herpetological Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles and the promotion of public education and understanding of reptiles and amphibians.

TD Ameritrade Park
Nick Freeman

OMAHA-  With a shortened season, the future of the United Football League is in jeopardy.  If there is no UFL, TD Ameritrade Park would remain empty for most of the year.  The Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority, which oversees the stadium insists that the stadiums main purpose is to host the College World Series.  MECA also states that the CWS is the event that pays the bonds on the facility.

Football has been an exciting addition to TD Ameritrade Park and MECA claims that they will continue to develop the possibility of future games, whether on the high school, college or semi-professional level.  While there have been talks of adding a baseball team MECA is currently tied up in a lawsuit with a group whose proposal to put an independent league professional team in the stadium failed last year.

Drug Drop Off
Nick Freeman

OMAHA- On Saturday, the Douglas County Sheriffs Office and the Drug Enforcement Administration gave people the opportunity to dispose of unused or expired prescription drugs.  The DEA was allowing people to drop off their medications for free and with no questions asked.

         The drop offs are part of the DEA’s effort to curb prescription drug abuse by encouraging the safe disposal of prescription medicine.  This was the DEA’s third national Take Back Initiative.  In the first two events more than 309 tons of prescription pills were turned in and disposed of.

         The drop off was held at the Walgreens drug store at 132nd Street and West Center Road.  Volunteers from Live Wise and Creighton University pharmaceutical students helped with the event.

Occupy Omaha

OMAHA- The Occupy Omaha movement started in early October with a rally of around 1,000 people.  Since then the movement has continued to have a presence in downtown.  The movement had been moved a couple of times before finally being settled in an empty lot on the corner of 24th and Farnam.  The city served an eviction deadline to the protestors who have since moved to the sidewalk at the same location.

         Reports stated that the movement was going to be relocated to Elmwood Park, but organizers said this was not necessarily true.  The occupy organizers said they had a few options on where to continue their protests.  As of now it seems that they will continue to make the corner of 24th and Farnam their home.

         A decision by organizers on where to relocate is supposed to be discussed over the weekend.

Veteran Stories

OMAHA- Veterans day is a time to say thank you to everyone who has or is currently serving in the United States Armed Forces.  This veterans day there were many events throughout the metro area that paid respects to veterans, but there are not many events that are actually put on by veterans.

         This year the Veteran Student Organization held an event on the campus of UNO.  The event was called “Veteran Stories” and gave student veterans a chance to reflect on their past experiences.  The story gathering gave anyone who wanted to talk about their time on active duty a forum to do so.  The stories ranged from light-hearted to comical to very serious and somber.  It was a laid back environment in which veterans were able to converse with one another and spend veterans day with people of all walks of life who shared a common tie, serving in the United States military.