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Office of Graduate Studies

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Financing Information

Tuition and Fees
2011-2012 Tuition Rates

On & Off-Campus/Offutt Courses Resident Non-Resident MAP** Audit
Graduate - UNO $236.50 $622.50 $354.75 $118.25

2011-2012 Distance Education Tuition Rates

College Resident Non-Resident & MAP**
Graduate College of Education $271.00 $338.00
Graduate CBA, CFAM (except MFA), Arts & Sciences, CPACS, IS&T $289.50 $495.00
Graduate CFAM - MFAW $284.00 $596.00

Tuition charges are assessed per credit hour.
*UNL-Based Courses are any courses in the EH, EN, AR, or AG colleges.
**Effective Fall 2008, students qualifying for the Metropolitan Advantage Program will be assessed 150% of the resident tuition rate.
For more information on this program, please visit

2011-2012 Fees

Fee Name Fee Amount
MavCard Services Fee $6.50
UPF Flat Fee* $164.10
UPF Per Credit Hour * $17.30
Enrollment Services Fee $52.00
Technology Fee Per Credit Hour $9.00
Distance Learning Courses per credit hour $25.00
International Student Fee ** $25.00
International Student Health Insurance** Fall - $302.00
Spring $422.00
Library Services Fee Per Credit Hour $3.00
New Student Fee $140.50
Cultural Enrichment Fee $5.00
Student Research Fee Per Credit Hour $1.50

*Off-campus, Offutt and Distance Learning courses are not subject to the UPF Fees, Cultural Enrichment or the MavCard Services fee, but are subject to the Enrollment Services
Fee, Technology Fee and Library Fee.
**All non-US cititzens are assessed the International Student Fee. The fee is waived for students with Asylum (ASY), Immigrant card holder (IM), Naturalized citizen (NZ), Permanent resident (PR), and Refugee (RF) status. All International students with F or J VISA types will be assessed International Student Health Insurance Fees and will be covered by the UNO Insurance plan, unless proof of sufficient insurance coverage is submitted to the Student Health Services office prior to the fourteenth day of classes.
Student fees are generally mandatory and non-refundable, however Technology Fees are refundable at the same rates as Tuition. UPF Fees and the Cultural Enrichment Fee are refundable, only on withdrawal from ALL classes and at the same rate as Tuition during the period of the final course withdrawal on a student's schedule.

For more information on tuition and fee please visit UNO Cashiering and Student Accounts.