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Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies


Faculty of the Environmental Studies Program are drawn from across the campus and share an interest in teaching, research, and professional service related to conservation, sustainability, and the environment. Members are drawn from departments in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Communication, Fine Arts, and Media, Education, and Public Affairs and Community Service at UNO as well as from UNL Horticulture and Engineering Faculty housed on the Omaha Campus.


Faculty Member Affiliation Interests
Ann Antlfinger, Ph.D. Biology, UNO Conservation genetics

Shannon L. Bartelt-Hunt, Ph.D.

Department of Civil Engineering, Peter Kiewit Institute Fate and transport of organic contaminants in soil and groundwater systems
John Bartle, Ph.D. Public Administration, UNO Sustainability, environmental economics
Lisa Boucher, Ph.D. Biology, UNO Paleoecology, long-term effects of environmental change on ecosystems
Thomas Bragg, Ph.D. Biology, UNO Restoration ecology, plant ecology and fire ecology
Frank Brasile, Ph.D. Health, Physical Education and Recreation, UNO Outdoor recreation
James Carroll, Ph.D. Chemistry, UNO Environmental analysis, water treatment, water pollution
Bing Chen, Ph.D. Computer and Electronics Engineering, UNL Energy
Rory Conces, Ph.D. Philosophy, UNO Environmental ethics, war and the environment
Christina Dando, Ph.D. Geography, UNO Human perception of the environment; representation of the environment; technology and environment
Christopher Decker, Ph.D. Economics, UNO Environmental economics
Robert Egan, Ph.D. Biology, UNO Lichenology and cryptogamic systematics
George Engelmann, Ph.D. Geology, UNO Paleoenvironment
James  Fawcett, Ph.D. Biology, UNO Biology of reptiles and amphibians
Donald Greer, Ph.D. Health, Physical Education and Recreation, UNO Outdoor recreation
Gregor P. Henze, Ph.D. Architectural Engineering, Peter Kiewit Institute Low-exergy building design
Art  Homer, Ph.D. Writer's Workshop, UNO Environmental writing, environmental literature, sustainability
Bruce Johansen, Ph.D. Communication, UNO Environmental writing, global climate change
Lisa Knopp, Ph.D. English, UNO Literature of the environment
Alan Kolok, Ph.D. Biology, UNO Environmental toxicology
Frederic Laquer, Ph.D. Chemistry, UNO
Guoqing Lu, Ph.D. Biology, UNO Bioinformatics
Harmon Maher, Ph.D. Geology, UNO
Susan Maher, Ph.D. English, UNO Great Plains, western American and Canadian environmental literature, ecocriticism, and pedagogy in the environmental studies classroom
John McCarty, Ph.D. Biology, UNO Ecology, conservation, and natural resource management, environmental policy
John Noble, Ph.D. Health, Physical Education and Recreation, UNO Community design/planning, physical activity promotion, alternative transportation, sustainability
Connie  O'Brien Physics, UNO Environmental studies as they relate to children of all ages
Jeffery Peake, Ph.D. Geography, UNO Climatology, resource management, wetlands, geographic information systems, agricultural geography
John Price, Ph.D. English, UNO Environmental literature and writing 
Claudia Rauter, Ph.D. Biology, UNO Behavioral ecology and ecological genetics
Christine Reed, Ph.D. Public Administration, UNO Environmental Ethics, Comparative Public Management of Feral Horses (Western Rangelands & Dutch Nature Areas)
Steven Rodie, M.L.A. Biology, UNO; Horticulture, UNL Landscape design, environmental appreciation
Steven Shultz, Ph.D. Real Estate Research Center, UNO Environmental economics, land valuation and planning, GIS
Robert Shuster, Ph.D. Geology, UNO Environmental Geology, Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Geology of Nebraska
Scott Snyder, Ph.D. Biology, UNO Host-parasite ecological interactions, parasites as biomonitors
John Stansbury, Ph.D. Civil-Water Resources Engineering, UNL Water resources and environmental engineering
Rick Stasiak, Ph.D. Biology, UNO Ichthyology and aquatic ecology
Dave Sutherland, Ph.D. Biology, UNO Flora of Nebraska
Patrick G. Wheeler, MPA Environmental Health & Safety, UNO Campus sustainability, green (sustainable and healthy) building, transportation policy, waste ecology, alternative energy and energy policy
L. LaReesa Wolfenbarger, Ph.D. Biology, UNO Ecology, conservation biology, agriculture, environmental policy