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UNO Bioinformatics


The UNO Bioinformatics program provides opportunities for middle school and high school students to learn about the field of bioinformatics through hands-on, interactive presentations. These are made available here for school teachers to utilize. Provided are the PowerPoint presentations and the ancillaries. The protein-folding activity does require the use of Rubiks Twists, which can be found on the WWW for less than $15 each.

For teachers in the Omaha area, it is possible to request a presentation in house at your school for one or more classes (all materials provided) or to come to the Peter Kiewit Institute (where the UNO College of IS&T Bioinformatics program is located) on a field trip for a presenation and tour. Please contact Connie Jones or Dr. Mark Pauley for more information or to schedule a presenation.

Creation of the presentations was generously funded by an EUR mini-grant to Dr. Mark Pauley from the NSF grant UNO and MCC STEPping Together, awarded to UNO and Metropolitan Community College.

Introduction to Bioinformatics with Sequence Alignment Activities (primarily high school level):
Introduction to Bioinformatics with Protein-Folding Activity: